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Towny Wiki

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  • On Vale.gg, we have a side server called ‘’Towny’’ or ‘’Craft’’. Towny offers players to join and create towns of their choice or to create or join a nation. A nation is a collection of towns (or just one town) with one of them as the capital city. Nations are a higher level that allow towns to ally together. Towny allows players to work together as a team to build anything. To see chunks do F3 + G if that wont work, do FN + F3 + G.

    Here's the Towny plugin guide.

    Here are some towny commands
    /t new <name> allows the creation of the town.
    /t list shows a list of the towns on the server including open ones.
    /t join <name> allows you to join open towns on the server.
    /t claim allows the town Mayor or Assistants to claim land for the town.
    /t unclaim allows the Mayor to unclaim chunk of town land.
    /t add <name> allows the Mayor and Assistants to invite players to the town.
    /t kick <name> allows a Mayor to remove a player from the town.
    /plot fs <price> allows a Mayor or Assistant to put a chunk of land up for sale and make it claimable for town residents.
    /plot claim allows residents to claim a chunk of land that has been placed up for sale.
    /plot unclaim allows residents to unclaim their personal chunk and put it back up for sale.
    /t spawn allows players to teleport to the town's spawn point set when the town was founded. You can add the name of another town when using this command and, if public, you can teleport to that town for a cost.

    The more residents you have, the more town chunks you’ll get. In order to see your chunks press F3 + G at the same time, you will see borders and those will indicate the chunks. Each plot is 1 chunk.

    Nations are a group of towns on the server. Normal players cannot make Nations, only admins can, but towns not made by admins may still join a nation. Here's a list of handy commands for nations.

    /nation Shows a player their nation's status
    /nation ? Shows /nation commands
    /nation list [page #] Lists nation on specified page
    /nation online Shows the amount of players in your nation who are online
    /nation [nation] Shows a player the /nation screen of that player's nation or another nation
    /nation leave Mayor command to leave the nation they joined
    /nation withdraw [$] Withdraws the amount of money specified in the nation's bank
    /nation deposit [$] Kind command to add money to the nation's bank
    /nation new [nation_name] [capital_town] Add's a nation to the server
    /nation rank Command to set assistant/custom ranks in the nation
    /nation add [town] Invites a town to your nation
    /nation kick [town] Kicks a town from the nation
    /nation delete [nation] Deletes your nation
    /nation ally add/remove [nation] Adds/Removes ally to your nation
    /nation enemy add/remove [nation] Adds/Removes enemy to your nation
    /nation rank add/remove [player_name] [rank_name] Adds/removes rank from a townsperson
    /nation say [msg] Send a message through chat to everyone in your nation
    /nation set king [player_name] Sets the king of the nation
    /nation set capital [town] Sets the nation's capital
    /nation set board [msg] Sets the MOTD for your nation
    /nation set taxes [$] Sets the taxes for the nation
    /nation set name [name] Sets the name of the nation
    /nation set spawn Sets the spawn of the nation
    /nation set spawncost [$] Sets the amount of money you tax to have players spawn to nation's spawn
    /nation set title [title] Sets the title for the nation
    /nation set surname [name] [surname] Sets a name for a player
    /nation set tag [4_characters] Sets suffix for players in nation
    /nation toggle neutral Status in a towny war


    /resident Shows a player their resident screen
    /resident ? Shows /res command available
    /resident [resident] Shows a player another player’s resident screen
    /resident jail paybail Allows a player to pay to get out of jail. Funds go to the town which owns the Jail.
    /resident list Lists residents in towny’s data folder who are online.
    /resident spawn If deny_bed_use: true and player has a current bed spawn, command will teleport player to their bed
    /resident toggle map Turns on map which refreshes when moving across plot borders.
    /resident toggle townclaim Turns on mode where /town claim is automatically used
    /resident toggle plotborder Turns on smokey plot-border view. Border shows when players cross to different townblocks.
    /resident toggle constantplotborder Turns on smokey plot-border view. Border doesn’t disappear.
    /resident toggle reset This turns off all modes that are active.
    /resident toggle tax Shows how much a player pays

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