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Supporter's Conduct

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  • Here at Vale, we allow players to contribute to the server in exchange for perks and permissions which would otherwise be very difficult to obtain (but are all completely available to everyone, not just contributors!). There's just one problem. With great power comes great responsibility. We don't treat you any different just because you contributed to the server. The following list of rules and guidelines should be followed to every letter by our generous contributors. Let's begin, shall we?

    Not following these rules and guidelines may lead to immediate revocation of the abused perks and permissions. This revocation of abilities may be temporary or permanent depending upon the severity or frequency of the offense. You have been warned.

    The staff reserve the right to revoke your contributor permissions and/or status should you fail to comply with the rules and guidelines laid out below.

    By contributing to our server(s), you accept all responsibility for your actions and are bound by the rules on this thread. Changes may be made to the rules periodically, so it is highly advised to check back regularly.

    Furthermore, upon contributing to our server(s), you immediately acknowledge that all perks and abilities are available to every single player without paying. What you are paying for is express access to these abilities and permissions which you would otherwise have to work very, very hard to obtain.

    Upon contributing, you accept that you may not receive a refund for any purpose, this includes bans for infractions, kicks or any other incidences that may cause you to not be able to gain access to the servers. A refund may be issued only upon request of a parent who has a valid claim for an unauthorized charge to their payment method. Please do not do this. Please obtain parental permission before contributing to our server(s).

    Contributors with abilities greater than those of regular survival rank permissions:

    • DO NOT use your abilities to give yourself an unfair advantage in any situation in which there are players who must play legitimately.
    • DO NOT use your abilities an irresponsible manner in which it may cause a scene.
    • DO NOT use Creative Mode to cheat in PvP.
    • DO NOT use your abilities to give you any sort of an edge in PvP
    • DO NOT fly in PvP unless the participants all have agreed that it is okay for you to fly.
    • DO NOT use Creative Mode to acquire weapons or to enchant weapons for PvP.
    • DO NOT give weapons or enchantments to others for PvP.
    • DO NOT switch gamemode in the middle of a PvP match to escape, fly away, or acquire new gear.
    • DO NOT use Creative Mode to enchant tools, weapons and other items for other players who do not have Creative Mode.
    • DO NOT use Creative Mode to get rich!
    • DO NOT sell items to the spawn shop which were obtained via Creative Mode.
    • DO NOT sell items to other players or from your own shop which were obtained via Creative Mode.
    • DO NOT use creative mode to exploit /jobs in order to make money.
    • DO NOT sell Toolshed weapons to other players.
    • DO NOT sell creative or command spawned (where the price obtained is free) items in Auctions, shops or direct player to player transactions.
    • DO NOT use Creative Mode to build for other players who do not have Creative Mode permissions.
    • DO NOT use Creative Mode to place Beacons, and other high value objects everywhere.
    • DO NOT use Creative Mode to build structures with high amounts of Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emerald and Lapis Lazuli blocks. These materials are grief magnets, and building with them alerts staff, potentially spamming their chat.
    • DO NOT leave your builds, beacons, and precious blocks unprotected.
    • DO NOT use Creative Mode to give items to any player.
    • DO NOT use Creative Mode to pour water/lava everywhere.
    • DO NOT use bedrock to troll, block off or otherwise inconvenience other players and/or their builds.
    • DO NOT use Creative Mode to place multiple TNT minecarts/TNT blocks in order to grief or for fun. TNT blocks should only be used for the blast mining MCMMO perk.
    • DO NOT use Creative Mode to spawn monsters or animals for other players.
    • DO NOT spawn hostile mobs to kill players.
    • DO NOT use Creative Mode to spawn a Wither; all Withers should be spawned completely legitimately.
    Colored chat is a purely cosmetic, contributor-only perk so players can add a bit of a variety of color in their chat messages. However, this also comes with some responsibility.
    You may use colors to differentiate your text from others.
    You may use one color for most messages, just make sure it's easy to read.
    If a player or staff member asks you to stop, please take it into consideration. They're probably getting annoyed and you should respect that and take a break from using chat colors.
    • DO NOT use chat colors to impersonate staff members, server announcements or other players.
    • DO NOT spam chat colors.
    • DO NOT use more than two colors at once in the chat.
      - For example, "Hello There! How are you?"
    • DO NOT use multiple lines of messages with different colors.
      - For example, "This is one sentence.
      - "This is another."
      - "This is another."
    • DO NOT use yellow or light green for regular chat.
    Contributors with WorldEdit permissions:

    • DO NOT use WorldEdit to aid other players in building.
    • DO NOT use WorldEdit to copy and paste anything for other players.
    • DO NOT use WorldEdit to copy and paste a structure built by someone else, for any reason.
    • DO NOT use WorldEdit to fix griefs - take screenshots and report it.
    • DO NOT use WorldEdit to grief. It should go without saying that griefing of any sort is not allowed and you will be banned permanently for doing so with WorldEdit.
    • DO NOT use WorldEdit to prank players or friends.
    • DO NOT use WorldEdit for any reason other than for your own personal benefit, so long as it doesn't violate any of the rules and guidelines or this Contributors' Code of Conduct.
    • DO NOT use WorldEdit to bypass any sort of WorldGuard, Grief Prevention, or Towny protection.
    • DO NOT use WorldEdit to remove locked objects! The space where the item was located will be PERMANENTLY LOCKED until one of the owners can fix it!
    Finally, please check out our wiki on the proper use of Core Protect for contributors, to ensure you do not cause problems with our staff members.

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