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Staff Wiki

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  • Staff Wiki
    CraftBlock's Wiki for Staff Members

    Here are all of the guides and commands you need to know, and our expectations.​

    Welcome, congratulations, and thank you for being so dedicated to CraftBlock! Staff are crucial to making CraftBlock a successful community. With you on the Staff team, it’s possible for us to maintain this community and keep it a fun, enjoyable Minecraft server.

    Being a moderator can be fun, but requires a lot of dedication as it is a daily commitment, and will become stressful at times. You have important tasks expected of you. Your role will require you to observe the chat, respond to cries for help, respond to forum posts, and keep an eye on Discord and the forums for any new updates.

    A Quick Overview
    There's a lot of things we covered in this wiki, and it can be a hassle to grasp all of the requirements, so here's a quick list on what you should do to be a good Moderator.

    • Be Friendly & Hepful!
      No one likes an uptight or strict moderator. Say hi to players, make them feel like they're at home, appreciate their builds and chat with them! If they need help, see what's wrong and try to fix the situation all while being friendly & professional.
    • Help New Players & Be Inviting.
      New players are looking for a new community for many reasons, such as escaping abusive staff, finding a new home for their builds, or just generally looking for a community they can connect with. When a new player joins, welcome them and try to help them find place on our servers. Here's a good message to send to them:
      Welcome to Vale.gg! Click on a NPC & follow the guides. If you need any help, let me know! &c♥
      • Give more attention to new players
        A player will never forget you if you're nice and you've help them get started on our servers. You'll quickly become their favorite moderator & first friend on the server.

        Some players likes to explore for themselves, but if you can, try to get the player's attention and teleport to them. Ask them if they'd like some help getting started and try to find somewhere to live! If it's on the towny server, ask them if they'd like to freebuild or find a town. Find an open town and help them find a plot!

        Being a mayor or assistant of a town really helps with this.
    • Average 3 Hours Online
      Try your best to have an average of 3 hours of online time as a Moderator. That should give you enough time to carry out your duties and show presence in the community.

      We have tools to check your online time, which we'll take a look at periodically.

    Staff Communication

    Open communication is vital to a successful, knowledgeable Staff team. If you're unsure of how to handle a situation, tell the player that you'll forward their question to other Staff members and get back to them. Then, reach out for a second opinion. There's a few resources we have in place that facilitate this:

    • Use Admin Chat to connect with online staff members. To chat in Admin chat, use /a [message]. To toggle chat messages directly to Admin chat, do /ac.
    • Staff Forums
    • Discord: #staff-fortress
      Staff Chambers voice channel
    Periodically, Ambassador and Moderator applications are reviewed. These review sessions are important and necessary to ensure that the potential addition to our team is a good fit. Your opinion counts, so please participate!

    Being on the staff team does require commitment. It is expected of all Moderators to be on duty on the server for a minimum of one hour, every day.

    If you know you won't be able to dedicate your time to helping players for a period of time that is three days or longer, please make a post in Staff Forums indicating such.

    In the event that you'll be offline for longer than one week, it is mandatory that you request to take a break.

    Dealing with Griefing

    Periodically, it is beneficial to observe players, typically of lower ranks, to check if they’re griefing.
    Use /vanish, then teleport to the player.

    Found a warp that’s been ransacked? Someone’s reporting that they’ve been griefed?

    To check a grief:
    • Enable /co i, right and left-click individual blocks to check who broke or placed them.
    • Check if the player is breaking their own structure, or a structure belonging to someone else.
    If the player does not own the structure, you may:
    • Ask the player why they are griefing.
    • If they claim they are helping a friend, ask said friend (if they are online) to confirm, or do /seen playername to check if they have been online recently. If they have not, griefing seems likely.
    • If you decide that the player is griefing, kick them with a message along the lines of "Please don't grief." This forces the player to pay attention; some don't notice chat or ignore deliberately.
    • If they continue to grief after two kick warnings proceed to the banning section below.

    Griefs can be rolled back with the command:
    /co rb u:[username] t:[length of time in m/h/d] r:[radius to rollback]
    E.g. /co rollback u:WolfiePai t:2d r:15

    Try to keep the radius value low; 20 should usually suffice. If the grief is not completely rolled back, you can use a larger radius or move to the affected area and repeat.
    If the player has griefed high-value blocks, use the /invsee command to view the player’s inventory, then remove.

    If you do a rollback by mistake, you can undo it using /co restore u:username t:#m/h/d r:#
    E.g. /co restore u:WolfiePai t:2h r:15

    You can view a useful outline of the CoreProtect commands here: http://minerealm.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=6781

    Banning Griefers

    If it's less than 100 blocks (1 - 99):
    • Give the player a warning
    • Rollback the area
    • Post a Player Report here: [link to Player Warnings forum]
    If it's less than 500 blocks (100 - 499):
    Consider a few things before banning:
    • Do you think this player just joined to grief?
    • Do you think they deserve a warning or a temporary ban, to have a second chance?
    Typically, temp bans for griefing range from 3 - 5 days. If you're unsure, look at other ban reports to compare how many blocks were griefed and how long the player was banned for.

    The temp ban command is /tempban Playername #m/h/d reason.

    - E.g. /tempban WolfiePai 5d Griefing

    Also take note of what was griefed. If someone has griefed 150 blocks of crops, for example, do they really need a permanent ban? Block values should be taken into account.

    For small (<100 low-value blocks) or really old griefs (~1000+ hours) just roll it back and post a player warning. No point in mailing the griefer as either:
    • They won't even remember what they griefed
    • The probably now realize they aren't allowed to grief
    • They are inactive and won't read a warning anyway.

    Griefs of more than 500 blocks can warrant a permanent ban.
    When permanent banning, it is crucial to give a reason and the site address.

    /ban Playername reason, appeal @ craftblock.me
    - E.g. /ban Wolfiepai Griefing, appeal @ craftblock.me
    Make sure to include screenshots for proof!

    Please don't be ban happy and ban whenever you think you see a grief. Ask and make sure. Back when our old server was alive, I griefed a few blocks when I first joined. I was new to Minecraft and did not know what 'griefing' was. Thankfully, a nice mod gave me a chance, informed me what I was doing and let me stay on the server. I'd like to give that chance to everyone.

    Post ban reports here: [link to ban reports forum]
    Please do not tell players who griefed them unless it is necessary.
    - E.g. They are a town owner, and need to remove a player who has griefed from the town.

    Judge the situation yourself, but please don't just tell anyone who asks. Instead, explain how to protect their build with a claim. Use the GriefPrevention guide as a reference: Command and Permissions Reference - Pages - Grief Prevention - Bukkit Plugins - Projects - Bukkit - CraftBlock Minecraft Community

    Dealing with X-Raying
    You will see WorldGuard notifications periodically in chat: "WG: Playername (break) Diamond ore (#56)."
    If you see a player breaking a lot of ores in a short period of time, they could be x-raying.

    To catch a player using X-Ray:
    • Use /vanish, then teleport to the suspected player.
    • Watch the player for 5 minutes or more.
    Suspect x-raying if they:
    • Mine straight to ores.
    • Mine in complete darkness.
    • This behavior continues for an extended period of time. You must watch for at least 5 minutes, and be 100% sure that they are x-raying before taking action.
    You may want to install an x-ray mod yourself to check whether a player mines directly to ores.
    If you are completely sure that the player is x-raying, then you may kick them with a message along the lines of "Take off the x-ray client"

    Using /invsee Playername, remove half of their x-rayed materials.
    Post a Player Warning.
    Continue watching them if they return.

    If they continue to x-ray after two kick warnings, give them a 3-day temporary ban.
    The temp ban command is /tempban Playername #m/h/d reason.
    - E.g. /tempban Wolfiepai 5d X-raying

    If the player returns and continues x-raying after their temporary ban is up, you may permanently ban them.

    When permanent banning, always remember to give a reason and the site address.
    - E.g. /ban Wolfiepai X-raying, appeal @ craftblock.me
    Always include screenshots for proof!

    Download X-Ray Mod
    It's easier to be sure someone is griefing, instead of just following them around and "guess" if they are. Players come up with creative ways to find ores, and the "just follow them" approach isn't always the right way of doing it. WIth the x-ray mod installed, you'll be able to catch the real x-rayers with no guessing required.

    You'll need to:
    Download Forge Mod: Download
    Download X-Ray Mod: Download

    Once you downloaded both jar files, close Minecraft. Click on the Forge Mod jar and install it. Open up Minecraft and start your game. Let the Mod install it's files.

    After that's done, go to your Mods folder. Click here to find out where that's at. Place the X-Ray Mod inside of that mods folder. Start your game.

    The Mod should now be enabled.

    Press "z" in-game to configure the mod, and "\" backspace key to enable highlight of mods close. Note: One issue is that the mod takes some time for it to render the highlight for ores around you.

    Dealing with Advertising

    Be familiar with what constitutes advertising:
    • Giving out server IP address(es) of similar servers to players on CraftBlock.
    • Eg. giving the IP to another survival building server
    • PMing IPs to random players.
    • Mailing IPs to random players.
    • Repeatedly talking about another server so as to encourage others to go there.
    Banning advertisers:
    • If a new player joins the server and immediately begins to advertise, permanently ban them.
    • If a Dweller or Settler advertises, kick them with a message along the lines of "Please don't advertise."
    • If they continue, you may choose to ban them temporarily or permanently, depending on frequency.
    • Higher ranks should know better than to advertise. If a player ranked Pioneer or higher advertises, give them a temporary ban of 5 days. If a second infraction occurs, permanently ban.
    The temp ban command is /tempban Playername #m/h/d reason.

    When permanent banning, remember to give a reason and the site address.
    E.g. /ban Playername Advertising, appeal @ craftblock.me
    Make sure to include screenshots for proof!

    Dealing with Spamming, Arguments and Drama

    Chat should remain calm, friendly, and balanced. Upsets in this balance can make or break a server; it can annoy players, make them leave, etc. We try to not have annoying rank colors or long prefixes because of this. You should do your best to quickly de-escalate situations as soon as you see them arising, so that additional uproar does not occur.

    Spam - this is when players spam the same thing, begging for something from staff or other players, repeatedly cursing, abusing /me, etc.

    Cursing - everyone swears and we're not a server that is only for 10 year olds.
    Curses should not be directed at other players.
    E.g. ****, that creeper got me good! is okay.
    E.g. **** you, Wolfiepai! is NOT okay.
    A random curse is okay, just don't allow players to spam it or take it too far.

    Sexual/Inappropriate discussions:
    This is important. We should act as mature adults and anything sexual should not be discussed here.

    Chat regarding illicit drugs or drug paraphernalia (including auctioning of named items) is frowned upon. Warn the player(s) that these discussions are prohibited in main chat and to bring it to /party chat or private messages, where conversation of such nature is more appropriate. Failure to do so should result in a temporary mute. If the player chooses to continue their inappropriate discussions after being muted, a temporary ban is suitable.

    We should also prevent dramatic discussions such as debates on religion, politics, -isms, etc. These cause chat to break out into unsolvable discourse and it NEVER ends well. Direct players to bring these discussion to PM, the Debates forum, or the #debates Discord channel.

    These can happen quite often; from a PVP fight to someone stealing something. You have to handle the situation and try to stop it. Ask what's happening and help out.

    There are many outlets for players to express their frustrations. Main chat is not one of them, so encourage the conversation to be redirected in another manner:

    - Forums: Anonymous Feedback Form, Support & Suggestions, PMing a Staff Member

    - Discord: Tag @Staff in #help, #suggestions, or DM, if they would like to do so privately.

    Warning and banning:
    In these situations, use your own discretion. Racism and homophobia is NEVER tolerated on Craftblock, and the consequences of such should immediately escalate to a temporary mute.

    The following steps should take place, dependent on severity of the situation:
    • Politely ask a player to cease said discussion.
    • Kick them.
    • Temporarily mute them.
    • Temporarily or permanently ban them.
    The temp ban command is: /tempban Playername #m/h/d reason.

    When permanent banning, remember to give a reason and the site address.
    - E.g. /ban Playername Spamming/Inappropriate language, appeal @ craftblock.me
    Make sure to include screenshots for proof!

    Promoting Dwellers to Settlers

    From time to time, do /list and check to see if there are any Dwellers online. Ask them if they have built a house. Dwellers may also request in chat that you check their house, so keep an eye out. Ask the Dweller to go to their house, then teleport to them.

    Using /co i, check that they built it.
    Friends can build houses together, but make sure they both participated in the building/gathering of materials.

    Houses should have:
    • walls, a floor, a bed, a roof, a door, a crafting table, a furnace, a chest and windows
    If the house is underground, use your own judgment. Does it look like the player has spent a decent amount of time working on it?

    Once all requirements are met, promote the Dweller to a Settler using /lp user <name> promote survival

    After you've promoted them, shout them out in chat using the command /gratz [Playername]

    Feel free to congratulate them by tossing them a few items, food, /hdb heads, or Craftbucks. Doing this creates a friendship with the new player, ensuring that they'll remember you as the person who ranked them up upon first joining!

    Forum Duties

    Forums you must frequently view and/or respond to:

    Staff Forum, where Staff updates and discussions will be posted.

    Player Warnings and Alerts, where you can see what players have previously been warned for.

    Ambassador Reports, where Ambassadors will post when they need a Moderator to assist in dealing with a problem.

    Support & Suggestions, where players can request help.

    Ban Reports and Appeals, where you will post ban reports and respond to ban appeals. If you issued a ban, please respond to the appeal of that player, as you will have the best idea of what went on.

    Promotions and Rank Center, where you will need to vouch for players you deem worthy of a promotion. Remember, all apps require staff vouches - without them, no one can be promoted!

    Outside Wikis for more information on some of our plugins:

    LWC, useful for looking up who can and has accessed chests
    - https://github.com/Hidendra/LWC/wiki

    CoreProtect commands, useful for searching for who or what killed mobs, rolling back only some block times, etc.
    - http://minerealm.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=6781

    WorldEdit wiki, for SuperMods
    - http://wiki.sk89q.com/wiki/WorldEdit

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