Slimefun Getting Started

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  • When you join Vale Industrial ( you will start with a book in your inventory called Slimefun Guide, this book is your life line to everything Slimefun.

    When you first join a lot of things in your Slimefun Guide will be locked. You unlock these by clicking them when you have the required xp level needed for the unlock. When looking at the Guide for the first time, it may be a lot to understand all at once and that's why I have created this guide to help new players don't get lost.

    So what's the best way to get XP on vale? personally I use /pw TheHub This warp is player owned and operated, but it has a public Mob Grinder, Enchanting Table, and Basic Slimefun Machines, you'll learn more about those later in this guide!

    So now you know where to get XP, What should you unlock first, Well I recommend before you start to unlock all the cool things in Slimefun is to mine in the Resource world, it resets every week so remember not to build here, do /warp and select the resource world, save everything cobble, gravel, sand, and all your ores, don't smelt all your ores. As well as kill some spider for string, a lot of Slimefun core basic machines need dispensers. Once you get some materials, which I wouldn't waste Iron on making armor and a sword as you can get better ones early game.

    So what to Unlock right away:

    • Useful Items - Here you can unlock the Portable Crafter & Bin, as well as backpacks, but before you can craft these you will need some of the Basic Machines Unlocked and Built!
    • Basic Machines - You need to unlock all of these, as soon as possible as it allows you to move forward into Slimefun, Lost on how to set up Slimefun basic machines here is a video that will help! Slimefun machines - YouTube
    • Resources - In this tab you will find basic and advance resources in Slimefun core plugin, I recommend unlocking all these items as soon as you can.
    • Technical Components - Here you unlock some of the most used components in Slimefun, Electric Motors, I recommend Unlocking Everything

    So now that you have unlocked the basics, what to do now, well if your by your self, I recommend finding a spot in the FreeBuild World, or if your in a group, and wanna make a town can build in the Towny World. Now lets talk about getting some basic dust generation, using the basic machines in /pw TheHub you can make a Gravel Generator this is under the category called Simple Material Generators, the guide shows step by step how to make this machine. once you have that place it on the ground at your base, and place a chest on top of it. Overtime it will generate gravel 1 per 6ticks (Must be PlayerLoaded), you Also should make a Simple Sieve this is under a Category Called Simple Utils, it very simple to make and replaces the Basic Machine (Ore Washer & Automated Panning Machine) and removes the need to make a (Gold Pan), to make simple place a composter with a trapdoor on top of it. Use the gravel on the Simple Sieve and in return you will get different types of dust as well as byproducts Flint ( Save some you need these for some Crafting), Clay ( Can be Crafted to Bricks), and Iron Nuggets (Which can be crafted to Iron Ingots).

    Now you got some basic Dust Generation, I mentioned not to make Iron Amour or Tools right Away, Let make you a set of kind of OP armor to have to start, this is no where near OP Late Game Armor but it a good start, Under the Category Extra Gear, you can unlock Cobalt Armor, you make this in an Armor Forge, with Cobalt Ingots you smelted in your smelter. Its basically a set of "Iron Armor" with Protection 7 & Unbreaking 7, you can also make a Cobalt Sword(Crafted in the Enhanced Crafting Table) , which is a "Iron Sword" with sharpness & and Unbreaking 7.