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  • 2021-01-09_20.35.17.jpg and Youtube has been having issues with each other, so it's been near impossible to use any Youtube related functionality on the site. However, there's a fix to this, but it takes a few steps.

    Minecraft Mushroom Seperator

    RCS is a chrome extension or bookmarklet that enhances with extra features, such as custom emotes and auto woot. It also has a feature we need to get Youtube to work properly.

    Go to the site linked above and either click on the Chrome extension if you're using Chrome, or if you're using any other browser, DRAG the blue "RCS" button to your bookmarks bar.

    • Join our discord, click on #chat and find the message that says "Fixing".
    • Copy the "key" that's in the message.
    • Go to our room at and click in the chatbox.
    • Type in /key <paste the key you copied>

    After doing this, all Youtube functionality should work on!
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