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We're a Multiplayer Minecraft PC network which features survival, skyblock, vanilla, and creative servers, with various playstyles to choose from! Like building Towny towns? Sky islands? How about economy and slimefun? Best of all, Vale is a small and friendly community.

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  • Sometimes, not all commands will work. If there's a command that's broken, let us know.

    If you’re a Pioneer, then welcome to Vale! Pioneer is the first rank, and it’s the rank we set all of the general permissions.
    Perks is a special action or event that player can do, which isn't a command.

    EggCatchers (Mob Catchers)

    Throw an egg at a mob and catch it!





    The Spawn World


    FreeBuild World


    Town World






    End World


    Void World (Royal+), nothing but emptiness.

    Essential Commands
    Essential commands that you'll use most of the time.



    /home <homename>, /homes

    Teleport or view your homes

    /sethome <home name>, /delhome <home name>

    Create or delete a home


    Toggle server only or global chat.

    /afk [Reason]

    Go AFK and give a reason

    /bal, /pay <player>

    How much money you earnin'? Also pay others.


    Who's the richest players?


    Place any block on top of your head.


    View the kits you earn throughout the ranks.

    /kit claim

    A book & shovel to help you with claiming in the FreeBuild world.

    /mail, /mail send <player>

    You got mail!


    What's the latest news?

    /msg <player>, /r

    Message & reply back to players.


    If the response takes more then a second, you're probably lagging.

    /recipe [item/block]

    How to build that this block or that item.


    Read the rules to know how to not get in trouble!


    Purchase your own head!


    Visit the spawn, obviously.


    What's the Minecraft time?

    /tpa <user>, /tpahere <user>, /tpaccept, /tpdeny

    Teleport to other players or invite them to teleport to you.


    A portable crafting table!


    Teleport randomly in the world you're in.


    Vale's server shop.

    /bp, /backpack, /pv

    Backpacks store items like a portable chest. Each rank gains an extra Backpack.

    Towny Commands
    Check out our Towny wiki to learn how to use Towny at it's full advantage! View Towny Wiki.

    GriefPrevention Commands
    Protecting in the FreeBuild world takes a golden shovel and some learning how to use claimblocks Check out our GriefPrevention wiki to learn how to do it! View GriefPrevention wiki.

    Special Commands
    These commands are either cosmetic, or adds a new experience to MC.

    /ma join, /ma leave

    Join Mob Area, gain experience and more.

    /mcstats, /mcmmo help

    RPG Experience! Work up your stats and view them with these commands.

    /te balance, /te pay <player>, /te repair, /te baltop

    Token Enchant's our are secondary currency.

    /jobs, /jobs help, /jobs join [job name]

    Work for an income!

    /ca, /ca help

    Auction & Bid for items.

    /dis [disguise], /undis

    Disguise as players and mobs!


    Purchase heads, awesome for decorations!


    A custom plugin that lets you purchase join and leave messages via Tokens.

    /zh, /zh help, /zh buy, /zh claim, /zh free, /zh give

    Manage horses! Claim, name, lock, and teleport them!


    Premium Commands
    Commands you can use if you've purchase specific items in our store.

    /pets, /pets help

    Pets that you can have follow you, store item, mount, and wear as a hat.


About us

  • Vale is a small but friendly community and one of the best Minecraft survival servers you could play on. We have various ranks, plugins, and events to elevate your gameplay, and to give you a unique but fun experience in Minecraft.
  • Vale Discord - Text, Talk, Share Vale Plug.DJ - Listen to Music

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