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mcMMO Wiki (WIP)

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    To get started /mcmmo to open the MCMMO skill menu

    (do CTRL + F to find the skill you need)

    Each of the following skills have their own command to get information of it
    /mining - Mining skill
    /woodcutting - Woodcutting skill
    /herbalism - Herbalism skill
    /fishing - Fishing skill
    /excavation - Excavation skill
    /unarmed - Unarmed skill
    /archery - Archery skill
    /swords - Sword skill
    /axes - Axe skill
    /taming - Taming skill
    /repair - Repair skill
    /acrobatics - Acrobatic skill
    /alchemy - Alchemy skill

    The Mining skill is an mining/pickaxe based pickaxe where you can earn Experience through mining only which we usually do in Minecraft.

    Earning EXP
    Tube Coral Block: 75 EXP
    Brain Coral Block: 80 EXP
    Bubble Coral Block: 70 EXP
    Fire Coral Block: 90 EXP
    Horn Coral Block: 125 EXP
    Coal Ore: 100 EXP
    Diamond Ore: 750 EXP
    Emerald Ore: 1000 EXP
    End Bricks: 200 EXP
    Nether Brick: 50 EXP
    End Stone: 30 EXP
    Glowstone: 30 EXP
    Gold Ore: 350 EXP
    Terracotta: 30 EXP
    Iron Ore: 250 EXP
    Lapis Ore: 400 EXP
    Mossy Cobblestone: 30 EXP
    Netherrack: 30 EXP
    Obsidian: 350 EXP
    Packed Ice: 50 EXP
    Blue Ice: 100 EXP
    Nether Quartz Ore: 100 EXP
    Redstone Ore: 150 EXP
    Sandstone: 30 EXP
    Terracotta (All Colors): 50 EXP
    Stone: 30 EXP
    Granite: 30 EXP
    Andesite: 30 EXP
    Diorite: 30 EXP
    Red Sandstone: 100 EXP
    Prismarine: 70 EXP
    Purpur Block: 200 EXP
    Purpur Pillar: 250 EXP
    Purpur Slab: 150 EXP
    Purpur Stairs: 250 EXP
    *EXP is experience points.*

    Double Drops

    Doubles the drops you can get from ores. It doesn't double blocks that were placed by the player
    - Unlocked in Level 1
    - Drop Chance follows your level (e.g Level 100 = 100%)

    Breaks blocks more faster for a short amount of time
    - Unlocked in Level 5
    - Length Calculation (Unknown/Untested)

    mcMMO Mining Tips
    When grinding for the Mining skill the best way is for mining in the nether with an Efficiency V pickaxe because of the capability of it to break netherrack instantly, just like creative mode.


    The Woodcutting skill is an axe chopping based skill where you can only get Experience by chopping wood with an Axe.

    Earning EXP
    Oak Wood or Stripped: 70 EXP
    Spruce Wood or Stripped: 80 EXP
    Birch Wood or Stripped: 90 EXP
    Jungle Wood or Stripped: 100 EXP
    Acacia Wood or Stripped: 90 EXP
    Dark Wood or Stripped: 90 EXP
    Red/Mushroom Block: 70 EXP
    Mushroom Stem Block: 80 EXP
    *EXP is experience points.*

    Harvest Lumber

    Doubles the drop you can get from chopping Wood with an axe. This applies even from bone mealed/grown saplings. Doesn't work if the wood is placed by the player
    - Unlocked in Level 1
    - Drop Chance follows your level (e.g Level 100 = 100%)

    Tree Feller
    Automatically chops down the whole tree with just mining 1 woodblock from it.
    - Unlocked in Level 5
    - Length starts at 3s, +1 every 5 level (e.g Level 35 = 10s)
    - Woodcutting EXP can be gained through using this
    - Tree size of the maximum it can cut is 100 Blocks

    Leaf Blower
    Automatically breaks the Leaves
    - Unlocked in Level 15
    - Must use an axe to automatically break the leaves

    mcMMO Woodcutting Tips
    When grinding for the Woodcutting skill the best way to do it is by chopping Jungle Trees that is 2x2 with an Efficiency V axe. I suggest to have the jungle trees to be 6 Blocks away from each other for the block limit of the Tree Feller.


    The Herbalism skill is a farming/flowering based skill where you can get experience by getting flowers or farming crops.

    Earning EXP
    Kelp: 3 EXP
    Kelp Plant: 3 EXP
    Tube Coral Fan: 80 EXP
    Brain Coral: 90 EXP
    Bubble Coral: 75 EXP
    Fire Coral: 120 EXP
    Horn Coral: 175 EXP
    All Dead Corals: 30 EXP
    Allium: 300 EXP
    Azure Bluet: 150 EXP
    Beetroots Ripe: 50 EXP
    Blue Orchid: 150 EXP
    Brown Mushroom: 150 EXP
    Cactus: 30 EXP
    Carrots: 50 EXP
    Chorus Flower: 25 EXP
    Chorus Plant: 1 EXP
    Cocoa Ripe: 30 EXP
    Wheat Ripe: 50 EXP
    Dead Bush: 30 EXP
    Lilac: 30 EXP
    Melon: 20 EXP
    Nether Wart: 50 EXP
    All Tulip Flowers: 150 EXP
    Oxeye Daisy: 150 EXP
    Peony: 50 EXP
    Poppy: 100 EXP
    Potatoes: 50 EXP
    Pumpkin: 20 EXP
    Red Mushroom: 150 EXP
    Rose Bush: 50 EXP
    Fern: 10 EXP
    Grass: 10 EXP
    Sugar Cane: 30 EXP
    Sunflower: 50 EXP
    Tall Grass: 50 EXP
    Large Fern: 50 EXP
    Vine: 10 EXP
    Lily Pad: 100 EXP
    White Tulip: 150 EXP
    Dandelion: 100 EXP
    *EXP is experience points.*


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