Renting a Market Shop

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    On Vale's Towny server, we have market shops that players may rent, which has six regular shops and two large shops. Each one has a region that's attached it that allows players to rent the shop.

    • To go to the market, do the /market command.

    Once rented, the player may then create Chest Shops in the region, Each Chest Shop is either a buy or sell shop, or if it's a double chest, it can be both. The shops are designed as single shops, but the design of a rented shop may be changed if the player wants it. Once the time of the shop expires, the shop reverts back to it's previous state.

    /arm commands relate to the region, and /qs commands relate to the chest shop!


    Renting a Shop
    Once you're able to rent shops, you may go to /market and find the shop that's available.

    • Normal regions are $350 and large regions are $550 per 5 days.
    • Right-click on the For Rent sign shop to purchase that region.

    Each region can be rented, that means that players can rent the region for X amount of days. By default, once you've rent the shop, it will rent to you for 5 days, however you can right-click the sign again to stack more days, at a maximum of 30 days.


    ARM (AdvancedRegionMarket) Commands
    /arm guiOpens the ARM GUI.
    /arm regionfinderOpens GUI interface to find free regions
    /arm addmember [REGION] [PLAYER]Adds a member to a region
    /arm removemember [REGION] [PLAYER]Removes a member of a region
    /arm offer, /arm offer cancel , /arm offer reject, /arm offer acceptSends a resell offer for a region you own to another player


    Creating Chest Shops
    Once you've purchased the region, you can now create a Chest Shop.

    • A Chest Shop costs $250 each. Removing one will refund you.
    • Put the block you'd like to buy or sell into your hand.
    • Sneak (Shift) + Punch the chest.
      • It'll ask you how much you'd like to trade for the item you're selling.
      • After that, the shop will be created! (Sell, by default)
    • Right-Click the shop to view clickable options, such as changing the shop from Sell to Buy.
    • Chest Shops are either BUY or SELL. Use Double Chests for both.
    QS (QuickShop) Commands
    /qs buyChanges your shop you're looking at to one that buys items
    /qs sellChanges your shop you're looking at to one that sells items
    /qs price <price>Change the price of your shop that you're looking at
    /qs find <item>
    Use to find the nearest shop that begins with <item> - E.g. '/qs find dia' will find the nearest diamond shop.
    /qs create
    Create a shop without clicking the chest.
    /qs staffManage staffs to your shop.
    /qs staff add <player>Add staff
    /qs staff del <player>Remove staff
    /qs staff clearRemove all staffs
    /qs staff listShow shop's staffs


    • What rank allows me to buy a Market shop?
      • Citizen or Wyvern supporter rank.
    • Can I use chest shops for my Towny shop plot?
      • Noble or Titan supporter rank may create chest shop plots in Towny. (Try to find someone with this rank and get them to join your town, hehe)
    • What are some good tips for a successful Market Shop?
      • Unless you'e selling it for really cheap, try not to sell anything in /shop. The rarer and better your items are, the more likely you'll have more customers.
      • Make it easier for players to find what you're selling! Categorize your items and place signs to detail every category. Also placing a sign before the stairs to the second floor of your shop may motivate players to check out what's there!
    • Something isn't working!
      • Please report all issues @