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Craft (Towny)

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  • Craft is Vale's Towny Minecraft Server, where players can build towns, join jobs, be rich, and have a lot of fun with many of our plugins that upgrades vanilla Minecraft.


    Here's some features you could enjoy right now, by connecting to Vale's Towny server:​

    • A Simple Spawn
      The spawn holds all of the information to get you started, from NPC's that activate our most important GUI's, such as the warps, shops and guides, to the Crate Room and Enchant Room. All wrapped in a beautiful spawn you can appreciate.

    • Enchantments Galore
      Take enchantments to a new level. Earn tokens by participating in events, games, and by voting and spend that on custom enchantments, such as LuckyMining and Explosive.

    • A World For All
      Love building Towns? The Towny World is for you. Love Freebuilding without limits? Check out the FreeBuild world. Love to gather resources? There's a world for you, but be careful! It's dangerous out there.

    • Less is More
      We're keeping our plugins count tight and our resources tighter. Enjoy one of the best Towny servers without lag, and without learning over 100 plugins.

    • So Much More
      We've tried to bring as many player's favorites here, such as creating mob catchers, silk spawners, a new version of McMMO & RPG, and horse management. Learn it all in our /guide command.


    Getting Started
    Here's a simple guide on how to find your way around Craft.

    The Spawn
    Once you leave the hub and join Craft, you'll join our Spawn. Here is where you can get a quick introduction on how to get started.

    Here's a quick rundown on what lives here.
    • NPC's
      The "Mobs" you see standing in the spawn are called NPC's, by clicking on them you'll activate either a command or a GUI.
      • Guide
        Gives you a guide on most of our popular features on Craft. Clicking on an item should either give you more options or explain to you in chat what that feature is. Keeping this updated takes a lot of time, so there may sometimes be outdated information or new features we've haven't added yet! If we're missing something, let us know in the Help & Feedback form!
      • Traveler
        Gives you the list of the worlds you can teleport too. Each world also has commands you can access quicker. /traveler, /freebuild, /townworld, /resource
      • Shop & Heads Market
        Both NPC's reside in the Shop hub. here you can purchase various items, blocks, and decorations with in-game money that you can earn by playing Vale.
    • Enchant Room
      Upgrade your weapons and tools with new customized enchantments that you can purchase via Tokens.
      • Tokens
        Tokens is our secondary, more "special" in-game currency. While you can purchase various things with in-game money, tokens let's you purchase special enchants and your own custom join & quit messages.

        You can get Tokens by playing doing various tasks in the community, such as voting, being joining Discord events, and in-game events such as our daily fish competitions & other chat games. You may also purchase tokens via our Store.
    • Crate Room
      Like tokens, you can earn various type of keys that will grant you access to our crates. A crate will give you full of random items & blocks, and sometimes rare ones.
      • Keys
        You can earn keys by voting, donating, and joining various events such as Anime Friday's on Discord.


    We don't just want to be a Towny server, we want to be a server where you can freely build whatever you'd like,and just being a towny server defeats that purpose. So we offer various worlds that gives you the control that you'd want.

    • TownWorld
      If you like to build towns and have a lot of control, such as resident plots that you can sell, a bank, town flag that can enable settings like PVP, you can join the Town World. Here you can create a Town or join one. You must be in a Towny town to build here.

    • FreeBuild World
      The FreeBuild is where you can freely build without limits. Unlike the Towny world, where you have to be in a Towny town and build within chunk, this world let's you build in the wild. The projects you build in this world, can also be protected with ClaimBlocks, which you can earn daily, by voting and donating.

    • Resource World
      Instead of ruining the land in the other two worlds, you can come here and gather the resources you'd need. With daily McMMO Experience Boosts, PVP, Griefing, and enabled TNT, you have to be careful when you travel across these lands. Put your enchanted gear and custom enchants to the test, and start a war here.

    Build A House
    Earn your first rank & build a house. You can build a house in the Towny or Freebuild worlds. Once you're in the world you'd like to build in, find a town and/or use /rt command to randomly teleport to a location. Find the perfect place to start your project!

    Your house must meet certain criteria to be promoted.

    • Bed
    • Lighting (Torches, Redstone Lamps, or Sea Laterns)
    • Carpet
    • Furnaces & Crafting Tables
    • Multiple rooms
    • Chest Room
    • Windows (if outside)
    • Doors
    • Effort
    Once you feel like you've meet all expectations, see if a Moderator or Admin is online and ask them to check out your home! If no moderator is online, or if they're too busy, apply on the forums and as soon as staff sees your application, we'll promote you.


    We don't want to spoil all of the secrets on CraftBlock! Come join us at play.craftblock.me and check out our other features!



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