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Wow, this place is still here?


Mar 11, 2019
User name: EvFavTum

Introduction Title Wow, this place is still here?

When did you join Vale? July of 2014 during the CB era.

Favorite Player? Probably Minxi/Kahoi given that he/she are the only CB player I can remember that are still here

Favorite Staff? Again, Probably Kahoi.

Favorite block & why? Obsidian. Because it cant be easily griefed.

What other games you play? Rust, Hotline Miami 2, and ETG.

Favorite character of your favorite game and why? Probably Jacket from Hotline Miami.

Why? Its Jacket.

Pet Peeves MC wise? When people mention PStones. IRL has to be condescension, hands down.

Favorite Animal & Why? Dogs. bay be cliche but eh.

Hobbies/Job Sitting around destroying my brain with Video games and other things.

Tell us more! Are Zaxland and VoteFly still a thing?


Dec 15, 2013
It'll always be here.

Welcome back! :)

Not ZaxLand but Votefly is still here!
Sep 9, 2014
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
It's great to see you back, Lego! :D I've seen you in game and have been in essence not using the forums much till yesterday. Like sands though an hour glass, are the hours and memories we simply live. I've known you to be a good guy within the time you've been here n look forward to whatever fun we or you might have within the community again! :D Have a good day too when you read this. Thank you or your time. :)

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