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Jan 3, 2021

Welcome to Vale's first post of 2021!

Unfortunately, 2020 didn't end without a bang. Due to failed backups, we were forced to reset everything after an attempted server upgrade. This hit us pretty hard, as we've lost years of files, maps, and forum data.

However, it only motivated us to work harder. Two weeks later, the admins have been able to restore our survival server to almost how it was before, and with some interesting changes & improvements. Vale will be better than ever, and we hope you can join us on the ride.

Read more to find out what's new!

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New maps, new servers, new forums.​

Our administration team has been hard at work restoring Vale to the server you love, and we're over halfway there. Most of our plugins are back with improved configurations, and our custom jobs configuration, ranks, and permissions are almost finished and better than before.

Not bad after losing everything two weeks ago!

Gameplay Changes​

No More Towny​

The biggest change we've ever done in this community has come, after years of people asking for it, it has finally happened. Towny has been removed.

We're now focused on being an SMP server, with our plot protection plugin being the true and tested GriefPrevention. We've chosen this because it's easy for any player to understand; for more information on how to use this plugin, check out how to use GriefPrevention here.

We'll add some GP add-ons so that more can be done with it, such as additional claim flags and being able to rent and sell plots, so making towns is still feasible to do. But now without Towny, you have more freedom and an easier time to build what you'd like where you'd like.

Good riddance, Towny.

Improved Features​

  • Fewer OP items: This means no more level 7-10 enchanted armor/tools from donor kits and crates. Although this may annoy some people, it keeps the server much more interesting and has the "survival" type feel we aimed for.
  • Better ranks/job perks: One of the main things we worked on improving were our ranks, the rank up system, and job perks. There are far fewer ranks, but we've added better perks for each of them and made the rank up requirements unique and fun. We also tried to make every job, survival rank, and supporter rank have as many different perks from each other as possible so that everyone can get benefits from ranking up.
  • EliteMobs: Enjoy EliteMobs in the resource world and 3 newly added EliteMobs dungeons with hopefully more to be added soon.
  • Better PVP: PVP has been improved from being able to PVP anywhere in the wild, to being able to create bounties. We also have better PVP match stats and will soon have a PVP arena setup for everyone. Although we aren't a PVP server and don't condone the killing of people for no reason, players can now fight each other in a much more entertaining and fair.
  • More resource world map resets: The resource world will now reset every 48 hours on a schedule instead of randomly every month or so. This means more resources, more biomes, and just overall more to do in these worlds.
  • Upgraded Auction House: Due to the old Auction House plugin having bugs and just being an overall mess, we've added a new plugin that is more organized, easier to buy/sell items, and won't ruin custom items as it did before.

With a fresh start, we'd like to make our server better than before, so we're looking at all of our plugins and ideas from the past, and trying to improve what we've built on. If you have any suggestions, let us know here in the forums or on our discord. Stay tuned for more updates.

Better, more reliable backups​

We're not going to let this happened again.

Even though we know the cause of why the backups failed and can avoid this same mistake from happening, we're taking extra precautions. Along with 24-hour backups to our backup server (making sure it's done correctly and the backup server doesn't fail again), we're also doing 24-hour backups to our premium Google Drive account.

Admins also have open access to the drive backups, just in case our backup server somehow fails again, meaning one of them will always be able to restore the server.

You can now be rest assured, we'll never lose your builds again.

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What's Next? Creative?​

We're spending every day fixing issues, adding more fun perks, and enhancing the gameplay on Vale, and this will continue to be our priority until we're satisfied and Vale is near perfection.

However, as soon as we're ready, we'll start working on the creative server, and hopefully, it'll be even better.

But if you want something else that's not SMP, join our discord and check out our modded FTB server!

Stay tuned.​

We'd like to do a lot more on the forums than we've previously done, which includes releasing tutorials, doing more monthly reports on how our server is doing, and overall pushing for a more active forum.

More updates to come, sign up on our forums, and stay tuned!

Special thanks to our community for sticking with us and giving us a second chance, and thank you to our supporters for keeping Vale alive!

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