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We're a Multiplayer Minecraft PC network which features survival, skyblock, vanilla, and creative servers, with various playstyles to choose from! Like building Towny towns? Sky islands? How about economy and slimefun? Best of all, Vale is a small and friendly community. Come join our survival minecraft servers now!
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Welcome to Vale (v2)!


Dec 15, 2013

Phew, it's been a while, hasn't it?

What happened?!?!

Back in May, I closed down Vale, as I didn't see any sort of growth, and it wasn't meeting my own expectations. While renaming our community helped progressed us a little, we needed more then just a new face on an old server. I had to make the decision, to either give up and close the servers forever, or close it down temporarily and try to figure out how we can do better. I took the latter approach, but I decided to close down everything, as I believe we needed more then just a reset, but a complete reboot of Vale.

With the help of NintendoFrosty, Waffle_Raws and a few other friends, we were able to come up with a new server that I think you guys will absolutely love.

What's new?


For the past 7 years, we've always been a mixture of survival and creative. You started out as a survival player, but if you were a good builder, or if you donated, you'd get creative. Because of this system, it was hard to expand. Can't really grow a survival server if you also have creative players ruining the economy or giving away creative items. The server was always about building in a relaxed environment with friends though, and while it did meet that expectation well, it was really hard to retain players and grow the community.

We've completely got rid of creative (Don't worry Supporters, keep reading!), and re-built the server with a better survival and fair experience, all while being more rewarding and fun.

Here's some of the new features we've added.


New Features
  • New Spawn
    • Built by @Waffle_Raws
    • Everything you need is in one place at spawn or via /warp.
    • Physical server shops that sell basic items, so the market can thrive.
    • 8 Physical player shops (Market).
    • New players are now given OP gear. Enjoy!
    • Removed the hub to fast track players.
  • 27+ Ranks
    • Survival ranks that may be purchased via /rankup.
    • Auto Ranking system. No more applications.
    • More ranks with less permissions, but the permissions you do get are rewarding.
  • Improved Enchantment System
    • Relics can enchant your tools with over a dozen custom enchantments.
    • Earn relics, scrolls, and more via Crates.
  • Better Survival Experience
    • PVP Enabled in the Wild.
    • No more KeepInventory.
    • Stronger Mobs & better mob drops.
    • Death Chests! You'll have 30 minutes to obtain your death chest before it despawns. Lootable.
  • Better Towny Experience
    • Joining a town is highly encouraged.
    • Towny Wars
    • Eden, Vale's Newbie Town - No player should be left without a Town.
    • Soon: TownyChat (1.14 broke this, but as soon as it's updated, it'll be here.)
    • High Town Costs ($5k) with low daily taxes ($10)
  • Survival Crates
    • Get Common Crates via mob drops, vote crates, chat events, quests, and more.
    • Each crate can be contained by survival, but the chances are lower.
  • Quests (Clue Scrolls)
    • You purchase clue scrolls and get a random quest.
    • Can earn crate keys and other loot.
  • Flight Charges
    • Each time you vote, get a crate key, or kill a mob, you have the chance to earn more flight charges.
    • Flight charges allow you to fly for a limited amount of time. Each single charge point is one block.
  • Better Vote Rewards
    • Each time you vote, you'll get a random amount of money, experience, and a 40% chance at a vote key.
    • Vote keys are used to get some special perks, as well as chances at common and uncommon keys.
    • If you're a supporter, you get higher chances at more vote keys, and you'll earn more money, experience and flight charges.
    • Perks are on a chance system, so cross your fingers when you vote for the best possible outcome!
    • /vote is now a GUI!
  • Daily Rewards
    • Every day and Every week, you can do /rewards (or just right-click the daily parrot at spawn) for even more loot.
  • New Supporter Ranks
    • Sphinx, Wyvern, Titan, Phoenix, & DemiGod.
    • Secondary ranks, so you can continue to level up through our 27 ranks.
    • While you won't get anything crazy like Creative anymore, you'll get better perks that will help your survival gameplay.
  • A Better Supporter Crate
    • When you'd like to have a higher chance of obtaining other crate keys, you can buy the Arcane Key.
    • If you're feeling extra nice, you may purchase uncommon keys for everyone on the server!
  • Better McMMO
    • Experience is now exponential.
  • Removed Creative.
    • Hasta la vista, baby.
  • A Safer Discord
    • Now locked in. You must verify your account in-game. This protects our players from spammers, advertisers, etc.
  • 24 Hour Remote Backups
    • Every 24 hours at midnight the servers are backed up and sent to a remote host. We'll never have corruption, data loss, or a bad admin ruining our servers again.

We've changed up plugins that we've been using for years. With that came a lot of new features. Seriously, get on the server and check it out!


Getting Started
We tried our best to simplify the spawn so you can easily get started without having to be confused.
  • You'll start out in the spawn with some neat gear.
  • Choose to go down the stairs to read more information and to get a town or just go through the wild portal.
  • If you would like a home quickly, you can join Eden. It is setup so you can learn about Towny and to inspire you to start your own.
  • From there you can start building your home, join a job, buy from shop, or work on ranking up!
After that, it's all about discovering what's new. We hope you guys will love it!

What's next?
  • First, we'd like to fix up all of the major issues we're expecting, such as permission errors and lag. If you discover a bug, please post in our feedback section on the forums!
  • We're not done yet! Our crate system could still be better, ranks will have more permissions, and our /help GUI isn't completely finished!
  • Seriously, if you've found any issues or want to make a suggestion, please post on our forums.
After we're happy with Towny..
  • We'll bring back Choco, but remake it into what you loved about the old Towny server, but without Towny. Here we'll bring back supporter ranks and come up with a lighter, but better survival/creative building experience.
  • We have a mini-games server in the works. It's almost done, and it's quite fun! I can't wait to release this as it's my favorite type of server.
  • SkyBlock will come back too! I'd like to make this server extra special though, and with the help of NotAPro, it's going to be amazing. Stay tuned!

What about my Creative/Supporter Rank?
Removing creative was not an easy decision. We have accumulated hundreds of supporters over the course of 8 years, however in order for us to grow, we had to make some drastic changes.

While the Towny server will not have the old supporter ranks or creative, we are going to create a survival & creative server, which will have a backup of all of the supporters restored.

Because we're planning on bringing back old supporters to an upcoming new server, we're not planning on giving you an alternative rank on Towny, however, contact me via Discord, and I'll give you a coupon to get 5x Arcane key, if you were a supporter previously.

Have fun!
It's been a long and bumpy ride getting this far, and it wasn't easy. I really hope you guys will love this new server and support us on this new crazy adventure :)

Special thanks goes to the following for pushing me to go forward and supporting Vale:
  • NintendoFrosty - Without you, I'd be lost.
  • Waffle_Raws - I couldn't of done this without you. Thank you for sticking with me!
  • Trireaper/Trevalis - You've been by my side since the first day we met in Minecraft. Thank you so much for the support.
  • asacavanagh - Thank you for pushing me to do better and motivating me to not give up.
  • Dristen - You never really played Vale but you've supported us for a while now, special thanks to you for being a good friend.
  • Tony/True_Ahimoth/TheRealestReal - You're the best, dad. :)
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