💔 Negative Feedback Villagers are broken


Jan 17, 2021
Username: BigFatMexican01

Thread Title Villagers are broken

Server SMP

What's your report? There are many bugs with villagers that make it really unfair for players who want to trade with them. PLEASE FIX ANY OF THESE, it is such a struggle to play when these keep happening.
  1. Villagers are not lowering their trade prices after converting. Many of my villagers have kept their prices after converting 5x but they should lower after just 2 times
  2. Villagers are dying to zombies even though we are on hard mode. They should convert into zombie villagers 100% of the time instead of dying!
  3. Villagers lock their trades as soon as they pick a profession. This is very annoying and has been an issue for over a year on vale.
  4. Villagers lose their trades and progress after becoming a master and reset back to novice. It is very unmotivating when it occurs and shouldn't be happening.
  5. Villager trades are switching after being converted with a zombie.
  6. Villager discounts are not being kept after relogging.