Vale's Official Rules


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Jan 3, 2021

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Vale's Official Rules
By: Victor_st and kaypatts
Thank you for joining Vale! Before you hop onto the server, there are a few things you should be aware of to keep the server happy and healthy!

Here are the main rules to be followed on the server:
  • No griefing other players build even if they aren't claimed; if it's not yours, it's not yours to take
  • Be respectful of other players properties. If they ask you to leave it, you must do so without talking back or hesitation
  • Only English in main chat is allowed. This is because we can't moderate what's being said in any other languages, so this rule must be upheld by everyone.
  • Be respectful to others (swearing is allowed as long as it's not directed towards others)
  • No inappropriate content and spamming
  • Listen to staff, what they say must be followed; staff is here for a reason, they keep the server in order as well as do a lot for the Vale community and should be treated with respect
  • No advertising other servers in chat
  • No hacks allowed; if you have a question about a mod, ask a staff member
  • No exploiting bugs, if you find a bug, stop using it and tell a staff member
  • No begging for items or ranks from staff or other players; this includes begging for staff, gear, or anything in-game
  • No building lag machines or anything else with the intention of lagging the server

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Auto Farms/Grinders

There have been many questions geared towards auto farms and auto grinders in the past, so hopefully this will be able to clear things up. Keep in mind that some rules on this topic have been changed from the past so it may not be the same as you remember.

What is not allowed?

Any auto grinder that is not from vanilla Minecraft may NOT have an auto killer inside of it. If you have a spawner that you got from either breaking one or receiving one from crates, you may not use an auto killer to gain loot from it. This includes using lava, magma blocks, or any other way of killing mobs even they are vanilla methods. While vanilla farms are allowed to have auto killers, you may NOT use auto clickers as they fall under the no hacks rule.

What is allowed?

If you make a vanilla mob grinder of any kind, you may use auto killers to gain loot from them. You may also auto farms such as pumpkin, melon, and sugarcane that use redstone to gather loot. Keep in mind that staff members may ask you to deactivate or completely disable your farm/grinder if it's causing too much lag on the server.

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Supporters Code of Conduct

This section is for all the supporters of the server. First of all, thank you all so much for supporting the server as it is the reason we're able to keep running! There are some basic guidelines that must be followed if you are a supporter however. Not following these consistently after being warned by staff may cause in bans or even having your donor rank removed, so please read through this and listen to staff if you have been warned previously.

The first and main rule is no giving or selling donor kits to other players. Even if you completely customized the donor kit with other enchants or custom enchants, you may not sell or give it to anyone else. This is done because you can get these kits multiple times and to keep it fair to other donors who should be the only ones with access to such kits.

Another rule you must follow, is that you may not use your donor perms to abuse your perms or annoy other players. For example, if you are using a disguise in someone else's area, and they ask you to leave or undisguise, you must listen to them. You may also not use perms such as /fly to give you an advantage over other players in PvP or go into areas that you clearly aren't supposed to be allowed in.

If you purchase keys or receive keys from donating, you may give them to other players however. You may also sell/give items you receive from crates even if it was from a crate you purchased.

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As long as these rules are followed, the server will be safe for everyone and continue to be the loving community we strive to be!
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