Vale Monthly: October 2020

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By Victor_st

Welcome to Vale Monthly’s October 2020 Edition! A lot of exciting stuff has happened this past month from the creative server ranks and build competitions, to all the Among Us games we’ve had and more.

Forums are Back Up

Vale • Minecraft Survival & Towny Servers - Google Chrome 10_31_2020 9_57_10 PM (2).png

Sorry for the long delay, but forums are back up and in use! Due to many issues, there was a delay in getting them back up. Because of how clean and easy the forums are to read, we’ve decided to both open them up and attempt to make them more active. We’ll be having monthly community recaps such as this one where we’ll be recounting all the interesting things going on in Vale. Have something you want in the next Recap? Let me (Victor_st) or any of the Admins know what you’d like in it!

Creative Ranks are Done!

Well its been a long time coming, hasn’t it? We’ve finally finished our ranks on the creative server with perks and ranking up. Ranking up is fairly simple, all you need to do is apply here . To view the requirements and the perks of each rank, check out here. We also have our supporter ranks all set up and they will be up on our website very soon! If you'd like one before they are on our website, ask any of our Admins about them and they can give you more information.

Keep in mind that these ranks may not be perfect, and some perks might not work. If you see any or feel like there is any perk that you should have but don’t, let us know either in our discord, or here.

Spooky Build Competition

Wow, we had many amazing submissions for this competition and it was extremely difficult to choose the winners. Thank you so much to everyone that took the time to enter into this competition! Here are our spooky build winners:

In first place, we have Silentassasin9 and his nether fortress wither build. This build was spectacular, had a very interesting story behind it, and was just very appealing to look at. Check out his entire submission here.


In second place, we have cofstein and his giant cornfield with some spooky candles and a jack-o-lantern. Check out his entire submission here.


In third place, we have Goooop00 with his spooky pumpkin created by a famous scientist over 1,200 years ago. You can check out his entire submission here.


If you'd like to look at all the amazing submissions, click here!

Among Us

Well this game feels like it exploded out of nowhere and for good reason. A ton of us have been having a lot of fun playing this game either murdering people or trying to find out who the murderer is. All I’ll say is if I’m near a dead body, #BlameTato.

Here is a bunch of us dancing in front of a camera as if we are on Dancing with the Stars (The star being me of course).

We’ll try and have an Among Us event every other Saturday starting around 3-4pm EST as long as people are interested in joining. Just keep a lookout in the discord events channel to see when the next one will be and feel free to join in!

Quote of the Month

Our first quote of the month is by Cofstein:

2020-10-21_13.52.13 (1).png

Some extremely important words by him here, Vic is indeed the best Vic on the server. As far as I know, there are no better Vics than Vic himself. Yes, the competition may be small, but don’t take away from his achievements as Vic.

Our second quote of the month is by our discord bot 8ball:

20201031_110753 (1).jpg 20201031_110806 (1).jpg

8ball says some very important words that should be heeded by us all. If you were looking for proof before this, now you know you have it. #BlameTato not #BlameVic.

Supporters of the Month
Thank you so much to each and every one of you that has supported us in the past. Without your support, we wouldn't be able to stay running and add new plugins to enhance everyone's experience.

Here are this months supporters:
  • pigeonVSseagull
  • tspree01
  • Napi_Land
  • JackMasterLooter
  • SHowbizcubed8
  • Silentassassin9

Creative Rank Ups

Congratulations to each of these players for ranking up on our creative server!

  • Cofstein
  • BigFatMexican01
  • Showbizcubed82002
  • darkmax000
  • Orangeowie4
  • Monovalent
  • Goooop00
  • Potatolishuss
  • Silentassasin9
  • Danielek0125
  • vvutdmzzgaming
  • Lord_Darque
  • ShepShepley
  • NyaaSenpai
  • Napi_Land
  • Darkmax0000
  • BigFatMexican01
  • Cofstein
  • Silentassasin9
  • Potatolishuss
  • Goooop00
  • Showbizcube82002
  • ShepShepley
  • Darkmax000
  • BigFatMexican01
  • Potatolishuss
  • Silentassasin9
  • Cofstein
  • Showbizcube82002

Voters of the Month

Potatolishuss- 187 votes
Goooop00 - 169 votes
BigFatMexican01- 157 votes
vvutdmzzgaming- 153votes
charwaterlily- 143 votes
Michael_York- 139 votes
Shxwk- 132 votes


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