Vale Monthly March 2021


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Vale Monthly March 2021
By Victor_st

Welcome to the third Vale Monthly of the Year! We had a very productive month with many new additions and some big changes coming very soon, so keep an eye out for them on our discord and forums.
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Important Changes and Additions

Elitemobs Dungeons!!


After a long wait and a lot of setting up to make sure the plugin worked and wouldn't break the server, we finally added 7 premium EliteMob Dungeons! Dungeons that have been added include The Oasis Adventure, The Airship, The Dark Spire, The Pirate Ship, The Colosseum Lair, The Catacombs, and The Opera. Want to challenge yourselves with these powerful mobs and gain cool gear? Type /em in game for more information on how to get started, just be careful not to bite off more than you can chew.

Change from GP to Lands Claiming Plugin


This was a major change to the way players are able to claim land that was done due to Lands having so many features that GP didn't. Some of the main features that can be done now include setting up taxes for players in your lands, renting/selling land, creating nations, nice and easy to use menus, and more. Let us know if there are any issues with this plugin or if you feel like there are some permissions you feel should be added as we're still new with it.

Change to Venture Chat


Probably the most noticeable change of all, is the change from Deluxe Chat to Venture Chat. With this plugin, we can now use custom hex codes for ranks and prefixes which weren't supported through Deluxe Chat so hopefully we'll be seeing some really colorful prefixes and ranks soon! If you're a supporter that is Nyx+, you may get a prefix with hex code colors by asking an admin and if you're DemiGod, you, may use these hex codes in chat and your nicknames.

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Upcoming Events


On Easter day, we'll be having an Easter Egg Hunt on our survival server. There will be many prizes including money, crate keys, McMMO credits, possibly even a rank voucher or two :O, and more! More information will be posted on discord so make sure to keep a lookout on that.
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Creative Server Testers Needed!


Well after a long wait, our creative server is finally opened for testing! Anyone interested may message an admin to be added to the whitelist on the condition that they report any bugs as soon as they are found.. We're hoping to fully open the server before the 15th of this month but it may be opened before then if there aren't any issues.

Also thank you so much to cofstein with the help of kaypatts and charwaterlily for building this incredible spawn for our creative server!
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Player Made Content

This month, we had two more amazing TikToks created by KinGDivinee and kaypatts with the help of other players explaining two of our plugins EliteMobs and MarriageMaster. Once again, their hard work and dedication to the server in creating these amazing short videos is much appreciated!
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Quote of the Month


Submitted by: BigFatMexican01

Well this months quote is by goop who apparently think that all Admins are trees. As far as I'm aware, nobody on the server is a tree and especially no Admin, however I've been known to be incorrect on very few occasions. Maybe he's just projecting the fact that he's the tree onto others. Or was thinking about trees as one does.
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New Staff/Staff Promotions


Congrats to charwaterlily and kaypatts for getting promoted to full Moderators and UnfadingAut0 being promoted to TrailMod! Their hard work in helping out the server is most appreciated!

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Supporters of the Month

Once again, thank you so much to everyone that donated this month and in the past as well! We had one of our best months in terms of donations in an extremely long time and will have our bills paid for the foreseeable future, so it is extremely appreciated ♥️!​
  • KinGDivinee​
  • TheDabbinRussian​
  • Varozed​
  • Heimeindringer​
  • kaypatts​
  • puppyjpg​
  • UnfadingAut0​
  • Silentassassin9​
  • Ileel​
  • PurrpleDank​

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Voters of the Month
  • 1. vvutdmzzgaming: 221​
  • 2. Michael_York: 204​
  • 3. Varozed: 201​
  • 4. BlahBlah375: 200​
  • 5. Duxter: 191​
  • 6. Barrel_NL: 155​
  • 7. NikeOnDuty: 146​
  • 8. BigFatMexican01: 143​
  • 9. FrostyGlitch212: 126​
  • 10. DJ_JH: 108​
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