Vale Monthly January 2022


Feb 21, 2021


Vale Monthly January 2022
by Orangeowie4

It's back! Welcome to the first Vale Monthly of the Year! We had a great month and we opened our new server! We hope you like it, so please give us feedback on the forums and discord!

Important Changes and Additions

The New Server!


The new server was long awaited, but it's finally here and better than ever! With many new additions to spawn, a custom world, plugins, and many more, we just wanted to make sure the server is the best it can be. While keeping the things about Vale that you love, you can forge new paths and instill a legacy on the world.

A New Casino in Spawn


After some consideration, we have decided to add a casino in spawn! At /warp Casino you can play casino games by right clicking the NPC on the first floor of the building. Risk it all and become victorious, or go home crying. Be sure to gamble responsibly!

Added ChatFeelings


While it may not be a big deal to some, this was a feature that others loved to express their feelings with. With this plugin, you can show your true feelings about people by stabbing someone when you're mad, or high-fiving them. To see a full list of feelings, type /feelings in chat!

Added TradeMe


If you ever thought about selling your prized possession or just something you have lying around, now you can! Not only can you trade items, but you can also trade MCMMO levels and money too. If you were looking for a safe way to sell something just once, or give donations to someone, now you can!

Events to Join

Starting today, we'll be having a building competition. The best looking and most beautiful Town will receive money including money and crate keys! These will be judged by staff, and the town mayor of the winning town will receive $75,000 and 2 Netherite Crate Keys. Town residents are also encouraged to participate, so all town members of the winning town will receive a Diamond Crate Key. All towns are automatically entered, so no need to post anything, just build. All towns will be looked at, so try your best! The event will end on February 18.

Quote of the Month

This month's quote is by kurbiis who believes he has rights after signing a legally binding contract. I have no idea whether he thinks he STILL has rights after being told he doesn't, but he can believe what he wants. If you'd like to submit quotes, please DM me on Discord!


Supporters of the Month

Thank you so much for everyone who's donated this month and in the past. We extremely appreciate it, and it helps us make the server even better!

  • Silentassassin9​
  • ironmass20​
  • NotBensAlt_​
  • KingDirtThe3rd​

Voters of the Month
  • 1. BlahBlah375: 157
  • 2. bencnufc: 131
  • 3. Bella_York: 68
  • 4. Orangeowie4: 36
  • 5. Trevalis: 32
  • 6. KingDirtThe3rd: 30
  • 7. Silentassassin9: 16
  • 8. Heimeindringer: 16
  • 9. Mattman096: 16
  • 10. DoctorNifty: 15
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