Vale Monthly February 2021

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Vale Monthly February 2021

Welcome to the second Vale monthly of the year! This month was a great month where we fixed a lot of bugs and had some big changes all while having fun with events and hanging out with each other!
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Important Changes and Additions

We had many important changes and additions this month on the server that hopefully will make your experience on here more enjoyable.

Firstly and most importantly, we finally finished crates! We know that everyone has been waiting a long time for them to finally be added, but we wanted them to be as perfect as possible before releasing them. Hopefully, they are close to being as good as we hoped, but please give us any suggestions you may have so that we can improve them.

It took us long enough, but we finally added a more in depth explanation of our rules here. Hopefully they're much clearer now so nobody has any issues, but always ask a staff member if you need clarification on any rules.

Changes to Gameplay

We also had some changes that change the gameplay for everyone on the server. The main one was that we disabled Phoenix's fly in every world except the main building world. This was done to make fighting the ender dragon, exploring the nether, and other gameplay much more enjoyable and realistic. Fly vouchers from the Arcane Crate however, work in all worlds, so don't throw them away if you already have /fly.

Another important, yet less noticeable change for the majority of the players, is that the max levels enchantments you can make through the advanced anvil in slime fun has been lowered to the same level as the items in the Arcane Crate. This was done to balance the gameplay since not many people knew how to do this, and you could make enchantments much higher than what we wanted. This doesn't change the levels

Due to some drama and us being unable to moderate them at all, we have also decided to disable players being able to set bounties. They're not going to be completely gone from the server and might be added as some sort of bounty event where the person that stays alive the longest wins a prize, but regular players can no longer create them.
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Past Events

We had two great events that happened this month. The first one was a movie night where we watched the classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail. We got to watch the Black Knight defeat King Arthur by default due to King Arthur running away. As you can see in the image above, King Arthur was loosing the battle badly before running away.

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The second event we had was the Secret Valentines event where everyone was paired with another player by random to give a gift to. We had many people that participated, and hope that everyone received great presents from their secret valentine!

We also had some player ran events such as LG's birthday party. There were some.. interesting poles that were put in her birthday party, but regardless, happy birthday to her!

Upcoming Events

We will be having a PvP tournament coming up soon using our updated PvP arena. Everyone that enters will be put at random in a tournament style draw where they will continue moving forward as long as they win until the final. There will be preset kits, so don't worry about certain people (darkmax) having much better armor and weapons than everyone else.

Another event that we might do is a bounty event where all entrants have a bounty set on them. The people with the longest time alive ingame since the start of their bounty will receive rewards such as crate keys, while the people that kill anyone with a bounty on them will receive ingame money.
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New Servers??

We are currently possibly working on a creative server and one that will potentially reach the sky. Sorry, that was a bad one, but keep an eye on updates on our discord in the coming weeks for more updates on these. We hope that we will be able to have at least one of these servers fully operational within the next month.
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Player Made Content

First, we have this amazing intro created by KinGDivinee and kaypatts that describes the main features of Vale and what makes us unique. Thank you so much to both of them for creating such an informative and entertaining intro!

Here we have a recap of some interesting/funny events made by BigFatMexican01 from this month. My favorite part was when Big tricked some of our staff to go in vanish and tp to him even though he specifically told them not to tp to him. He really caught the staff lacking here, although I'd totally never fall for such things myself.
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New Staff Members

This month we had a few additions to our staff team. We added two new staff members (kaypatts and charwaterlily) to our team on top of promoting Goop to an admin. Kaypatts will also be our social media manager, so keep a lookout on our social media pages for new content! Keep in mind that they are all new to their positions, so be patient with them while they're learning their new commands :).

(By the way char, if you're wondering when this picture was taken because you don't remember being in it, I kinda sorta disguised myself as you because you were asleep at the time. Sorry about that lol!)
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Quotes of the Month

The first quote of the month is by darkmax00. Furnaces are great and all, but what's better than a regular furnace? A carbonara furnace. Anything pasta related is always a good idea and improves whatever you were going to originally eat.
Lets not talk about this please. In my defense, I can't see my keyboard at all sometimes so with what I had to deal with, I didn't do that badly.
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Supporters of the Month

Thank you so much to each and every one of you that supported our server! You're what keep us up and running and wouldn't be able to be up and running without your help. Here are our donors for the month of February:

  • TheDabbinRussian
  • The_Eaglewing
  • tspree01
  • NikeOnDuty
  • DJ_JH
  • S0FI
  • xL1G3x
  • Silentassassin9
  • TheKing
  • UnfadingAut0
  • moonriverwillow
  • bencnufc
  • Shxwk
  • DDOG059
  • Michael_York
  • KinGDivinee
  • HunYiah
  • kaypatts
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Voters of the Month

Here are the top voters of the month:

  1. vvutdmzzgaming: 212
  2. BlahBlah375: 200
  3. NikeOnDuty: 184
  4. bencnufc: 182
  5. DJ_JH: 155
  6. Michael_York: 155
  7. Heimeindringer: 154
  8. Barrel_NL: 153
  9. TheDabbinRussian: 137
  10. Biffeen: 136
14. Victor_st: 100 (Good job to this guy, I heard he's great)
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