Vale Monthly December 2020/January 2021

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Vale Monthly December 2020/January 2021​

Welcome to the first Vale Monthly of 2021! Due to the forums unfortunately being corrupted as well as the server (more information on this can be seen here) both December and January will be combined into one post here.

First lets start with what happened in December, which was a lot!

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#Blame Tato vs. #Blame Vic 2 (The Finale)


The finale in this 2 part battle came last month which showed us which side to blame. Obviously, as we all knew, #BlameTato was the correct side to be on, but we finally got to prove it to all the doubters even though it was much closer than expected.

Here's how each fight in the event went:

1.) PuffyPillows def. tspree01 2-0 (#BlameVic leads 1-0)
2.) Zomtato def. Sheygen 2-0 (#BlameVic leads 2-0)
3.) Samrii def. costein 2-0 (#BlameVic leads 2-1)
4.) Goop def. orange 2-0 (#BlameVic leads 3-1)
5.) Silent def. vvut 2-0 (#BlameVic leads 3-2)
6.) BigFatMexican def. Shxwk 2-0 (Tied 3-3)
Finale: Victor def. Potato 2-0 (#BlameTato wins 4-3)

After an amazing comeback from being down 3-1, Victor rallied his team to an expected victory. It looked like #BlameVic was going to unfortunately win somehow, but as expected the good side (#BlameTato) won this amazing battle. Also enjoy this very entertaining bout between BigFatMexican and Shxwk to tie the fight going into the finale.

**Note: this section was not biased at all in the slightest as the author doesn't believe in doing such things

Quote of the Month

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Submitted by: BigFatMexican01
December's quote of the month is this very inspirational message by Tech to Potato during the finale of the PvP event. As you can see, Potato listened to Tech's words of wisdom to perfection which is why she was so successful in her battle.

Other Events

merry-xmas-vale (1).png

We also had a few events that we were unfortunately unable to finish due to the server being corrupted. The first of these events was the Secret Santa event where we had 20+ people join in to give presents to a randomly selected person. Huge thank you to cofstein who helped build the area even though we unfortunately weren't able to use it. This event was a ton of fun and people seemed to really enjoy giving gifts to their friends on the server.

Another great event that sadly had to be cancelled was the winter themed build competition. There were some spectacular builds that I hate to see lost such as cofstein's mobile city from a movie almost nobody has ever heard of. Even though the movie wasn't a huge success, cofstein's build definitely was as it was a very intriguing idea executed very well. Unfortunately I have no screenshots of any of the builds, but if anyone does, please comment them below.

Donators of the month​

Lastly for December, we'll look at our donors of the month. Without your help, we wouldn't be able to keep the server running for everyone to enjoy.

  • tspree01
  • PuffyPillows
  • Sheygen
  • kaypatts
  • qased
  • Sheygen
  • iEnder_King
  • SeventhWonder
  • SeventhWonder
  • SeventhWonder
  • iEnder_King
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Now onto 2021!

Important Changes

First lets start with the important changes that we have decided to implement. While re-making Vale from scratch, we decided to try and fix the gameplay issues we had previously to make a more enjoyable experience for everyone. For a full list of changes, click here.

Quotes of the Month


Submitted by: Victor_st
January's quote of the month is by Potatolishuss and Mattman096. According to her, I and many other people are sinners because we have more than two tabs opened at the same time. Unfortunately, according to her, I'm sinning a lot with my 26 tabs opened while writing this. Matt's quote here is also an invaluable phrase we should all go by, tt.

If you'd like to submit a quote of the month, send me (Victor_st) a message on discord with the quote to recieve an event crate key if chosen.

Past/Future events


Unfortunately due to having to remake the server we haven't had the time or ability to make many events for everyone to enjoy. Luckily, we still got to have some really fun events such as Among Us and anime night. Some of the upcoming events are another anime/movie night and the secret valentine event. If anyone has any ideas for more events, feel free to let me know.


How the Secret Valentine Event Works:

Everyone that signs up will be given one person at random that they have to give a gift to. You may then give a gift to anyone else that you'd like on top of this, but you must give your chosen person a gift. Anyone can give gifts to people, but you must be signed up to receive something.

To give your gift to someone, you first teleport to the area with /pwarp SecretValentine. Then, you find the house with the name of either the person you were paired with or the person you were matched with. Once you find their house, you may either put a chest, shulker box, or anything else of that sort inside of it as your gift to them. Some acceptable gift ideas are a shulker box full of items, a written book to your paired person, a map with a drawing, and anything else that's appropriate. If you know the person well enough, you may give them something else such as a pet photo or something else of this nature.

Deadline to sign up is February 1st with the deadline to give all your gifts being February 14th. If for whatever reason you didn't sign up on time, but wish to sign up after the deadline, you may do so by messaging me (Victor_st) on discord or replying here. However, you won't be guaranteed to receive gifts from anyone.

**If you want to be mentioned for future events, either message an admin, or react to the post in #announcements on discord



We are currently hard at work trying to finish the crates and are sorry for the delay. We want to make sure they give out very good items without them being unbalanced and OP so it's taking us longer than expected. They are currently about 80-90% completed and are available for view at /spawn for feedback. Please let us know what we can do to improve them and make them even better than before.

Voters of the month​

Here are this months top 10 voters:

  1. vvutdmzzgaming: 204 votes
  2. Heimeindringer: 179 votes
  3. Barrel_NL: 176 votes
  4. BigFatMexican01: 170 votes
  5. bencnufc: 166 votes
  6. Thomastommygun: 155 votes
  7. Silentassassin9: 146 votes
  8. FUSHIGUYI47: 127 votes
  9. Victor_st: 117 votes (Great job there by Victor_st)
  10. SHowbizcubed8: 113 votes

Donors of the month​

Here are the donors for January. Thank you so much to everyone that donated even with everything that happened, it means a lot!

  • Kakashi37
  • BlahBlah375
  • tspree01
  • bencnufc
  • DJ_JH
  • NikeOnDuty
  • explosivecoin
  • ItsYaFlower