Vale Earth


Ready for something completely new that Vale has never done before? Come play on our new Earth server!​

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What is Vale Earth?

Vale Earth is a new server with features that we have never had before on Vale. Playing on a 1:2000 scaled map of the earth, work with your friends to create the biggest, and most powerful towns and nations in the world, or work on your own as a Nomad. Gain more land and influence through expansion, diplomacy, and war with the only limit being your economy and your enemies.
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New Features!

While making this new server, we wanted a ton of new features to make your experience as unique as possible. Here's a list of all the new features:
  • New Spawn! I know, another new spawn? This one was custom built for us by a professional builder and includes a ton of features we wanted including many shops, a parkour, and more! Feel free to explore it and find cool easter eggs.
  • Make money by selling certain items to an admin shop at spawn. You can sell items to a blacksmith, jeweler, baker, farmer, lumberjack, fisherman, and butcher. You can also make money by conquering other nations, through diplomacy, by selling items to your friends, and more.
  • No end and nether dimensions. This may be a bit controversial and has the possibility of being changed in the future, however, we wanted to make this server as focused on just the main world as possible. Don't worry though, items that can be acquired from these dimensions will be sold in shops at spawn.
  • No survival ranks, only towny ranks. As the main goal of this server is to be focused on towns and nations, there are not going to be any survival ranks you can rankup to get. Everyone starts with the same perks and you may only gain towny ranks that give you the ability to declare war, declare enemies, or just make more money from the Siege War plugin.
  • No OP rank perks. Supporter perks are still a WIP, however, one thing we are sure of is that we don't want any OP perks such as flight, healing, feeding, tons of playervaults, and more. While having these perks may be very nice in a peaceful world such as our current survival world, it ruins the gameplay for everyone in a PvP type world. On top of this, there won't even be /tpa or /homes for anyone so the only way to get in between places is by traveling to your spawn or by going the old fashioned way. (Keep in mind, that this may change)
  • Gain territories through war or diplomacy. If diplomacy doesn't work to acquire land from your neighbors, then you can always declare war on them with the Siege War plugin. More information on this can be found below.
  • Griefing is allowed in unclaimed territories! Although it is not encouraged, make sure you create or join a town if you want to protect your builds. (Note that griefing is NOT allowed inside of towns even in wars unless both parties agree on it)

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More Information:

For more information on how the SiegeWar plugin works, visit this link.