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Vale Changelog (#3) - 23/12/19


Sep 4, 2019
Vale Roadmap
First off before starting, I just want to wish you all a merry Christmas and hope that your all having a fantastic time. This post is to show you our future plans for vale and also clarify a few things.

I have thought long and hard about this, I have finally decided that this pixelmon server will be seperate from vale as I know all of you are concerned about server fragmentation affecting a very small community. If you want to join the pixelmon server you'll have to contact me directly as it would be seen as advertising on the vale discord.

The new skyblock redesign is currently underway on the SkyblockBeta server (sbb), we are planning to have a new spawn that will correspond to the theme of the skyblock season (I also want to hear your thoughts on having seasons that last for 6 months and with different themes). New ranks and perks are coming, so when we deploy them make sure to tell us what you think of them. Skyblock beta will close when we think it is to a good standard and it will merge into the previously known skyblock server.

A Creative server? :O
We all know that Towny can get a bit boring, especially with no creative but ALAS! a solution! a proposed new creative server to build on and get your creative juices flowing!, this creative server will have NO plots and will be a fully open-world flat terrain for you to build in. Do you think we should add it? Leave your thoughts in the comments or on our discord.

Towny Server
Now pretty recently concrete, terracotta blocks, and others were removed from the shop, this was not going to be permanent, we wanted to see if player shops would be able to replace it and make it more player dependant and we totally understand why players were upset with this. I just want to emphasize that we are just trying to get a good balance on what is easy and hard, because as all of you know grinding with evoker spawners is really easy way to get money and it just so happens that mergedspawner decided to stop working so it basically did our job there by removing itself :p

That being said, matt has re-designed the server shop and personally I think it's really great but feel free to leave your thoughts on it and what should be added/removed/changed, etc.

Games Server
The Games server has been pretty uneventful as we have been focusing more on the primary core-servers (Towny and Skyblock). We do have new games that will be arriving, once the current games are polished up to a good standard, which are: natural disaster, hide'n'seek and build battle.

Christmas Event
Yeh sadly this is the last event done by me and chem. Chem has decided to leave vale and focus to do other things and I have to focus on some important projects.
Of course we will check in now and then. We wish her farewell and to have a good luck :). It is quite unfortunate to see one of our best staff members to leave. We will miss u, greatly, chem and we understand your decision and we will miss you a LOT <3.

After the Christmas event, I think all events will be decided by staff as a collective or be a role to a staff member who is very involved in community interaction.
So, have fun time at the Christmas event and have a merry christmas and a happy new year!
See you guys at the next event and have a fantastic time!

Evaluating My future
As you may or may not know I only joined vale a few months ago and it's been a blast, sadly I won't be able to support vale any longer as I have projects that I need to attend to. It's been great being an admin for vale and I do hope at some point I can return but as it stands I don't think I will be able to. So in conclusion me and chem are leaving unfortunately to focus on other things and I do want to reiterate that it has been great being apart of this community and it is hard to leave something that I'm sure has given people great memories and experiences. I am sure that me and chem will pop in and say hello now and then and I will of course send cat pics lol. I believe the current staff team can do a good job of doing these tasks and to make vale a better and more enjoyable.

Merry Christmas and I hope you have a fantastic time :D


Dec 16, 2013
unless your gonna give everyone W/E on the creative one, not make it flatland