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Vale Changelog (#2) - 1/12/19


Sep 4, 2019
Vale Changelog - 1/12/19
This post will define the changes that have occured recently, not all changes may have been put on here due to them being tiny and not worth noticing.

General News
Events are back! Chemicalss will be managing the events for Towny, already we have had a prom and pvp event and more to come in the future, you can post your event suggestions on the vale discord: Join the Vale Discord Server!
Removed due to lag and plugin author not releasing updates: mypet (temporarily removed)
Updated plugins: Quickshop, Procosmetics, Mudgeclicker (the cookie clicker), Luckperms, Jobs, GCore, Crazy Enchants

Crates are being re-done, the only changes that have been applied are the vote crates and some of the arcane crate loots. Suggestions for what should be added would be great.

Recent Discussions:
Should we nerf /shop?
Should there be more player shops?

General News
We are totally re-doing the server, mostly being worked on by me, wolfiepai and matt, this Skyblock will have new ranks and rank perks. The way that islands work and ore generation are also being changed, we will try to retain most peoples islands but we cannot guarantee that due to how the plugin works.

General News
The Games Server was offline for a while, I have since put it back online and have been working on it along with Skyblock and other servers. I have updated all the plugins and worked on most of the maps, Village Defense is working properly, Bedwars is also working properly, Skywars is still being worked on and finally Murder Mystery is working properly. There are plans to add hide and seek to the games server, tell us what you think of this and if any more game modes should be added.