Updating Deepton into a functioning town!

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Dec 26, 2018
With the war over, I can finally put my resources into making Deepton a better town. This will most likely mean deleting and creating it again... But don't worry! There's still time left until we're moving to a new home. And yes, I'll move your plot if you want me to (Spoiler: It will be smaller than your new plot tho!). Also, we're keeping the bamboo.

Why am I recreating Deepton? The Deepton we have right now is extremly unorganized, because we never expected to get more than 4 residents. It has no real infrastructure and plots being adjacent to eachother wasn't the smartest decision either.

If anyone wants to be the mayor of the old Deepton, msg me. It would be a shame if everything we built would go to waste.

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