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Sep 24, 2016
Killeen, Texas
User name: OpenMindedMisa

Thread Title Towny help: XP and crashes

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Explain A few things. Some bugs, some XP issues, and a small rant and kudos.

I've been working in towny for a few days now, spread out over 2 weeks, all on the towny server. I set my town, @Dillfro and @CrAzYgUy247 helped me figure out that crazy block replacing thing and my town is back.

However, I am digging and mining a LOT of blocks. I can get diamond from digging just fine. But I can not get ANY xp from mining digging, killing or otherwise. Dillfro at one point had helped, and I was able to get XP from breeding animals but I am at no point to start farms, much less plan my town. So then I can not enchant tools to even dig faster than plain diamond.

Also, the night of March 29th, the server continuously crashed approximately ever 20-30 minutes for bo reason. When coming back in, at least 2-3 of progress in mining was back. HOWEVER, the damage on tools did not go back to before those few minutes. Meaning I was losing even more progress on tools.

@CrAzYgUy247 was kind enough to help me dig out an area for an hour and I give kudos to him for being a big help there.