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We're a Multiplayer Minecraft PC network which features survival, skyblock, vanilla, and creative servers, with various playstyles to choose from! Like building Towny towns? Sky islands? How about economy and slimefun? Best of all, Vale is a small and friendly community. Come join our survival minecraft servers now!
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The king of smooth and the prince of charming.


Foxy Executioner
Aug 9, 2017
Las Vegas
User name: VG_Echo

Introduction Title The king of smooth and the prince of charming.

When did you join Vale? 2017 july something

Favorite Player? Urch

Favorite Staff? Matt

Favorite block & why? Anvil because of the possibilities for it comes from repairing renaming and combining multiple different powers.

What other games you play? Rage 2 Borderlands 3 Outer Worlds Minecraft or anything

Favorite character of your favorite game and why? Alex Hawthorne smuggler with chaotic neutral always doing what he wants to do no matter how dumb it seems.

Pet Peeves People who think they're above you.

Favorite Animal & Why? Aardwolf, its all about that punk rock mohawk

Hobbies/Job Security guard, buying art at auctions, surfing, skydiving, scuba diving, hiking, taking pictures, hunting, gaming, dancing, cooking, fighting, and partying,

Tell us more! I'm less than a quarter blind. I've been shot once, stabbed twice, tased multiple times, and lost two teeth from fights. Many life stories you name it I got a crazy story how I did it.