Events The Great Vale War


Feb 21, 2021
Over many months of greater conflict, the fighting has grown into a full blown war. The #BlameTato nation has finally decided to attack the #BlameVic tribe. Doing so, has caused the #BlameVic tribe to retaliate, causing chaos. It is up to you, to save Vale. Choose a side, and fight for victory, or both sides may be wiped out.

The war would take place in a superflat world, but before it begins each side would customize their place and add a village or something. They would have a period to build a town/city before the war. Each team would have 2 locations, one specific location must be attacked and defeated before you can attack their second location. For example, the BlameTato side would have the theme/name of Cactus Canyon, and their second location would be the Pumpkin Pasture. The BlameVic side would have Creeper Coast and Temple Woods. People would be able to build themselves a home in both areas in addition to anything else that they think the towns need such as buildings or something with creative. They would not be able to hide chests with secret loot or overpowered things, including an obsidian or bedrock panic room. Attackers would be able to use anything to destroy their enemies and their cities such as fire and TNT except withers. Both sides would have pre-made gear given to them and wouldn't be able to attack each other until a certain day and time, and a certain time and day for their second city. Everyone would receive 7 event keys for attending, and the winning side would get 1-2 arcane keys for winning. In addition, the MVP, best player on the front lines, and best defensive player would receive an extra 1-2 arcane keys.


Staff member
Jan 3, 2021
I like thia idea a lot, however the #BlameVic tribe has been completely decimated after the last 2 wars it fought. There would need to be another enemy to step up and take their place.