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😜 Suggestion Suggestions To Keep Vale Fresh! | All


I'm Baby
Mar 16, 2019
Toronto Canada, ON
User name: Chemicalss

Thread Title Suggestions To Keep Vale Fresh!

Server All

Explain So I wanted to hopefully get the community talking about what we can do to make vale more fresh for new and current players, more ways to play and better grinding!
If you have any other thoughts please let me know :D

Here are a few of my ideas for vale.
- First off, creative is a subject we don't speak about much since with the rebirth of vale 2.0 its been completely erased, but I think with it taken care of properly, creative is a good way to keep new players coming, or old players to stay, here's why!
People usually come to an SMP server to do exactly that, survival. But when they've completed every house to make, or every diamond they need to mine, there's no point in sticking around anymore.
Sure we have things like clue scrolls but those can only be fun for some time, I think giving back supporters, but only high ranked supporters creative is a way to keep vale supported, and have players stick around.
With creative they can bring projects to life and work for hours on end, building in survival can be very uninspiring ;p

Second, I think its very easy to break the servers economy with current state of spawners. But I don't think that means we should remove them, since a lot of people around vale only stick around for the grinding at this point, rather if that's what they like to do, or they have nothing else to do but race to /baltop. To keep this under control and keep players grinding and fighting for /baltop number one spot, tax should be put into place.
This is something we'd all need to speak about together but, for example, players above (X) amount get taxed 100k-200k once every week. This makes the /baltop chart fair and continue to flow, having players come back each week to fight back for number one.

Third, bring back choco! Choco goes hand in Hand with my creative idea, if players truly wish for a non plugin SMP server, with no creative economy, Choco should be there for them, people used it for crazy cool projects and they had to achieve every part of it on there own, having there be no plugins at all on Choco.
So many people really enjoyed the experience, and if creative is worked back into vale in a way it wont hurt the economy, then this is a safe escape for those who don't want it at all, this also gives players a new experience with friends.

Lastly, Let's have more community events, I'd personally love to help host some :) here are some suggestions.
- Vale Prom
- Vale Building Comps
- Vale Hall ( Every few months players gather and speak about what changes they'd like to see )
- Random fun parties, things to get the community together for a while
- Movie nights :D
These can be hosted by staff for large events, and even get our whole community involved, letting them build fun places we can have community parties every so often.

Lots of info but there ya go <33


Dec 15, 2013
Thanks for the awesome feedback, i'll look over all of this, but I'll reply to the first one.

The server has been doing pretty well without creative, and if we was to add creative back, then it'll be similar to the previous version of Vale, thus the rank reset (specially for supporters) would make no sense. We'd have to restore the old rank groups for supporters, because if we don't, that would be scammy of us. We already had to reset supporters.

The other big reason why I don't think we'll ever bring back creative on the towny server is because it would make half of the features on the server useless or less important. That's the reason we removed it in the first place, so we can do more with survival.

But we'll bring back a creative server soon!


I'm Baby
Mar 16, 2019
Toronto Canada, ON
That's understandable!
Creative can be a big issue sometimes and I do understand that it could make a lot of features in towny useless, My only worry about a creative server is that you often times can't use spawn eggs (Since they'd probably be abused) and plots can sometimes suck to build in other than in an open free world if you know what I mean :)
But overall, a creative server in general is a good idea


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Aug 19, 2018
here's the thing, the only reason I play this server is because it includes special spawners, and that I don't need to grind for ages. I also believe that spawners are one (if not the best) feature of the server, it makes so you do not need to build gigantic 0tick farms to get your balance up, if you remove spawners, its gonna be inevitable, gigantic lag making farms will appear, because, we only seek the best way to make money on the server, and, even if the server is "economicly broken", there is nothing you actually need 50M to buy on the shop, other than spawners, the fun on this server is to make the biggest amount of money possible...


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Sep 13, 2017
I completely agree with pretty much everything here except the implementation of taxes. If it's a fixed amount or based on how much money the player currently has, it will be kind of unfair if they need to leave for a few weeks. They would lose tons of their money while not being able to make it back.

I think a better and more fair way to implement a tax would be to base it on how much you've sold in the shop every week or so. This way, if you can't get on or dont make any money, you don't get unnecessarily taxed. There could also be other small things that are taxed at a percentage of the cost.

Anither way to lower peoples money would be to add something like a weekly subscription to the /sell commands in the shop that cost varying amounts on how much you are allowed to sell. For example if you want to sell up to 1 mil in the shop, you have to pay 100k a week.

Based on what I personally encountered back in CB with the taxes, I don't think that a set daily tax rate would be fair for people that are making tons of money. I ended up having to grind 2 hours each day just to keep my money and would lose tons of it if I didnt feel like grinding or couldn't get on for a few days. Having an unfair tax that takes money based on how much is in your balance will keep people away from grinding, which you said was something that some people enjoy doing, and will make people look for loopholes such as spreading money between different players or putting the money in a town bank.

I really like the ideas for choco and the events though, those look like they would add a lot more fun to the server.


Apr 19, 2018
Personally I would like to see the bank notes thing added so I can store my money safely. Or any other way to store money for that matter because with 100mil I always have to wear full armor to make sure I don’t die and lose 10mil. Idk just a thought 😊


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Dec 19, 2017
We have a checks system already, if that’s what you mean?
(Also chem if you read in vale’s first two posts the new “Choco” is going to be creative in the future)


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Oct 8, 2019
I'd personally like to see a special time designated for lag-inducing machines, like auto smelters or auto farm to run. Most likely when the server is the quietest to prevent disturbance to anyone. I'd also appreciate a way that machines that produce items on water streams or such, but have an overflow system that keeps lag to a minimum are not held back by the same rules. These are all suggestions, and you may take them with a grain of salt of you wish.