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😴 Archived Spawners, Restarts, & Scrolls | All


Dec 10, 2016
User name: BigFatMexican01

Thread Title Spawners, Restarts, & Scrolls

Server All

Players Involved whoever

  1. Add zombie spawners to spawner shop. They are the most basic spawners and are the most common. 100k seems reasonable for the drops and usefulness.
  2. Increase the time for magic clue scrolls. It's at 1 scroll every 10 mins and could be grinded with the right tools. 30 mins seems reasonable compared to the loot and time to complete. I would also suggest balancing the loot from the magic scrolls. i completed 1 and got 3 scroll skips. maybe 1 or 2 but not 3 at the rate of 1 per 10mins.
  3. Also Black scrolls aren't working for some reason. Perhaps something was broken idk.
  4. I also believe it would be a nice idea to add a hud for the scrolls that tells you how many dirt left to mine or how many cows left to kill. Not sure how it would work while having multiple scrolls in your inventory but if it was like mcmmo, only popping up when you have made progress on one of the scrolls.
  5. Perhaps adding a gui for all of the possible drops for the scrolls could be encouraging to new or inexperienced players.
  6. Maybe adding a vote to restart the server command. If a certain amount of players agree then the server can be restarted. This would be helpful if there is low tps or some other problem and a staff member isnt online. It could be disabled while a staff member with those perms is online and enabled if a staff member is afk. There would obviously be a long cooldown as to stop abuse of the command. 3 hours might be a good number.
Server is feeling great in it's current state. Keep it up!


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Aug 19, 2018
I like the #5 , to see the loot, because its true that when we complete the scroll, for the first time, we can either be disapointed with how much effort was put in, or excited, because it was a very good loot, compared to the effort, so knowing the possibilities can tell you what scroll is better for you. (that you are able to finish). For the #6 tho, vote to restart, I'm not sure... I feel like there would be groups of person overusing it to make others annoyed. Also, I think its better to make it so the staff restart, because it makes so they can see whats going on...