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Jan 17, 2021
What is your Minecraft username? SHowbizcubed8

What age bracket are you in? 18

What is your current rank on Vale? Lord (NYX donor)

Have you been an active participant within the Vale Community for a minimum of two months?
yes, I've been part of a community since 2017 and I've been active for most of the time

Why do you want to be a Vale Moderator?

My main reason is the community that I desire so much, and I want to serve a significant role in the community. Being a vale moderator would give me a purpose to the community, and I would be willing to do it to my fullest. I want to help out vale members with better resources I could use to execute to the Fullest & help out people who are in need or struggling from a situation.

Give us three reasons why you would be a suitable moderator and why we should select you to become part of the staff team

- I have a general knowledge of all plugins on the server with slime fun being my strong suit. With these skills, I would be more than capable of helping players excel on Vale.

-I am able to dedicate time every day of the week to be on the server, This can be good to have scheduled times for mods to be online

-With my knowledge of the server/Minecraft and how it works I would be able to spot suspicious activity occurring almost instantly. I would offer up my ideas and thoughts on how to fix issues as well to admins and try to resolve things quickly

How do you think you've demonstrated moderator qualities in your time with Vale?

I helped solve issues in the past and am willing to help in any future situations. My superior knowledge of slime fun has aided me in leading other players to start slime fun and assisting them with their problems. I have continued to keep my ethical values in spotting bugs and have chosen to report them and not to abuse any. Whenever a new player joins I try to welcome them and answer any questions they may have about a plugin or feature on the server

On a scale of 1-5, how knowledgeable do you believe you are with regard to Vale rules and regulations?

I have a strong 5 with my knowledge of the rules. Most of them are common knowledge to keep the server safe and some are to keep players from causing lag. Recently the rules were updated and I have already read and understood them I know that donors have their limits to how they can interact with the rest of the server as well as to keep the player base respectful to staff members.

What timezone do you live in?

Mountain Standard Time - AZ

How much time and when would you say you are able to dedicate to the Vale community throughout the week?

I am currently in high school I am only able to dedicate to the server up to 5 to 7 hours a day in the evenings all week long.

Do you have a Discord account? If you answered yes to the previous question, when would you be available to participate in Staff group conversations?

Yes and I would be available to participate in group conversations every time there is one

Scenario 1 - A player has recently joined the server and has been pretty quiet; not talking too much. When you go to assist them, you notice that they have begun to grief someone's building in the wild. How would you handle this situation?

What I would start off is to tell this person to carefully read the rules and rethink what he/she had done and then give a warning, when it keeps occurring I would have a discussion with the person and Temp ban the player with a message that griefing is not allowed on the server, I would confiscate any items they had and roll back the griefing

Scenario 2 - While on the server, a player suddenly gets very excited about surviving an ambush of mobs. They talk using multiple lines and or all caps for a single sentence. You notice on the forums that the player has already been warned for similar actions multiple times by another staff member, and has even been muted once before. How would you handle this situation?

I would mute the player for longer than the last mute. Again I would remind the person that there would be serious consequences if it continues, report to the staff.

Scenario 3 - While on the server, 3 new players join at about the same time. Suddenly, all 3 of them start spamming the chat with rude epithets repeatedly. What actions do you take to quell the situation and stop the chaos in chat?

I would start by warning them and tell them to read the rules, if it goes further I would go ahead and Mute the 3 players and kick to give them time to consider what they have done. if it continues even after the mute lifts I would perm ban the 3 if they joined the server just for the trolls.

Scenario 4- While online you come across another staff member handling a situation. The players are being rather rude and continue to cause trouble while the other staff member is attempting to handle the issue. What would you do in this situation?

I would offer the staff member if he needs help in handling the situation and offer him/her solutions that can resolve the situation and I would also remind the rude players to be respectful to the staff member. If they continue to be rude and causing more chaos in chat, I would mute them.
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Jan 3, 2021
Thank you for applying! Unfortunately due to high demand, we won't be able to give you a spot in our staff team at the moment, but if we're ever in need of staff we'll let you know.


Jan 17, 2021
Mission failed, we'll get em next time. Dont let this discourage u from applying in the future! You are true mod material