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😴 Archived Profit rates from some items


Dec 24, 2016
User name: lodlum

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Explain I made a script that lets you put in either 2 of item gather rate, profit rate or item sell price and get the third one out. Also included a way to easily calculate gather rate from how many items you collect and the time it takes.

I used this to calculate the following profit Rates;
Blaze rod farming 537,600 per hour -> 60 spawners
terracotta with best pick 224,000 per hour
cobble with best pick 100,800 per hour
Saddles from ravagers 325,500 per hour -> 33 spawners/
Enderman farming 95130 per hour
Eye of ender grinding 140k+ per hour

The blaze rod farming rate is from a 60 spawner grinder, however many players have near to this many or more blaze spawners. It's fairly easy to get them from the nether.
I have 33 ravager spawners from when they were cheaper. Although most players won't have access to nearly as many or even any it raises an important issue. Some players still have certain spawners from when they were cheap such as vindicator spawners. They can now easily get hundreds of stacks of emeralds and they sell for 50 each.

let gathered   //amount of items gathered; an inventory full (minus 1 slot) is 2240 items
let time  //time to get gathered in seconds
let gatherRate   //How many items gathered per minute
gatherRate = ((60/time)*gathered)
let sellPrice    //How much each item sells for
let profitRate   //profit per minute
if (typeof(profitRate) === 'undefined') {
    profitRate = gatherRate*sellPrice
    console.log(`Profit rate is: ${Math.round(profitRate)} per minute or ${Math.round(profitRate*60)} per hour`)
else if (typeof(gatherRate) === 'undefined') {
    gatherRate = (profitRate/sellPrice)
    console.log(`Gather rate is : ${Math.round(gatherRate)} per minute`)
else {
    sellPrice = (profitRate/gatherRate)
    console.log(`Sell price is : ${sellPrice}`)
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Dec 15, 2013