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✅ Approved Phantoms | Craft

fake lvkey

New member
Mar 19, 2019
User name: fake lvkey

Thread Title Phantoms

Server Craft

Players Involved fakelvkey

Explain Well i keep dieing to phantoms and i think it would be nice if there was a day vote like the weather vote just so the phantoms could go away. You also cant sleep atm so its annoying when you have 3-4 phantoms chasing you.

Also when is weather vote coming back?


Oct 20, 2018
Phantoms were originally voted into the game by the community. I have added a plugin to let sleeping through the night to be passed when at least 50% of the server is sleeping. This will eliminate the need to keep asking people to sleep or afk constantly as well as allow phantoms to die in the daytime without directly disabling them altogether.

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