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Jan 17, 2021
Username: BigFatMexican01

Suggestion Title New yearly event?

Server SMP

What's your suggestion?

Admin Appreciation Week (AAW)

Basically there could be a week when players can give thanks to the admins and staff team for volunteering to make a great server and close community. some examples of things we can do to show our appreciation is write poems, art displaying admins and their avatars/skins, sharing stories, and sharing screenshots/videos of fun times on the server.

For each day of the week we can "dress up" as an admin or mod by changing our skins or wearing their player heads in game.
Each day can have a specific theme that the players can follow if they want to participate. Sunday could be goooop day and maybe we all help him with his tree or whatever goooop decides what we should do for the day. Another example could be for Tspree day is that we all have to build/find the best throne for him to sit on. It could be a turtle, cod, netherite chair, a giant pyramid, gravel block, anything. Mainly each day can be focused around one of the staffs quirks or something they are known for on vale.

We can all join voice chat on the last day of the week to react to highlight reels or look at screenshots together and express our thankfulness to the admins. On the last day we could also hold a jack in the box tournament or even a kahoot to see how well you really know your admins.

I'm not sure when we could host this event, if there are any specific dates we could go by like vale's bday or summer equinox or something that we can use to mark the week for the event.
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Jan 3, 2021
Haha this sounds really cool! Personally, I'd feel a bit weird hosting an event for my appreciation, but I could do that for the other staff