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Mar 4, 2019
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Thread Title New Skyblock Island Type

Server Aero

Explain Ok, I get it that ur trying to fix Aero rn. I just really want to tell you my ideas. As most of us know, aero has island types. I’ll this may be hard to add, but what if you made some islands have a choice of starting with less essentials and more fighting gear. They could have more monsters spawn there. Now you may think “That seems impossible!”, but if I’m correct, I believe each world has a different difficulty. I know Craft has a world management plugin, and if you get that plugin on aero, you can have some people have their islands in that world with a higher difficulty. There could be a world for each difficulty, easy, hard, very hard, normal


Dec 15, 2013
Hmm, i like the idea, though not sure if this is 100% possible from a plugin perspective or if it's possible to be abused (Such as creating an island on the "hard" world just to have more weapons bought over to the easy world.)

Not sure, but i'll check it out.