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Mar 4, 2019
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Thread Title New Plugin Idea

Server Craft

Explain Doesen't everyone love pets? I was looking at the HeadDB plugin's website to find all the head types when I saw "Server Plugin: PetBlocks", as you know I was immediently interested. I think everyone would like it too, give it a look!
Website (Info):
Download (Spigot):

Just so you know, It is free

Pet Features

  • Adds a new pet to every player
  • Simple GUI navigation to customize your pet
  • Use blocks or custom heads as costume for your pet
  • Use engines to change the behaviour of your pet (movement, sound)
  • Add a particle effect to your pet
  • Rename your pet
  • ... and a lot more
Config Features

  • GUI can be completely customized
  • Add new costumes (supports skin-urls)
  • Add new engines
  • Add new particles
  • Can spawn in any Worldguard regions
  • Pets do not get removed by ClearLagg
  • Supports MySQL
  • Supports cross server pets
  • ... and a lot more
I hope you consider getting it.