New 1.18 Updates


Vale 1.18 Updates

Hey guys, I know you haven't heard much from us recently, but we are currently working on some new stuff for the 1.18 server. As soon as plugin updates allow us, we will be opening a brand new server with the newly generated 1.18 terrain and hopefully a fixed economy. To fix the economy, we are planning on removing all slimefun addons, and some powerful slimefun items as well to make it as even as possible for everyone. Any suggestions or ideas to add on to fixing the economy or what you want to see as a whole will be greatly appreciated.

With this, we will also be having three events on both the Industrial and Earth servers so that people can get "early access" to our new 1.18 server and some cool perks and rewards for this server as well. Anyone is allowed to enter these competitions, and they will be judged as fairly as possible taking into account your playtime and your available resources for the build competitions.
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Who wants to be a Billionaire?

Our first opportunity will be a race to one billion dollars on the Industrial server with the money cap being removed. You may use any LEGAL method to win this race with anyone reaching this goal getting early access. There will be extra prizes given out to whoever reaches this goal first.
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Build Competition

The second opportunity is a build competition on the Industrial server. You are allowed to build anything from houses and villages, to farms and redstone builds. Your builds will be judged on effort, time, and skill put into your build, so don't be discouraged if you don't have as many materials as your competitors. To enter this, you may post either in #project-showcase on discord or on the forums with a caption saying you are entering the contest

* Your build MUST be started after this announcement. Any build found to be started before, will be disqualified.
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Best Town

Our last event, is a competition to see who has the best Town on the Earth server. There are a couple of things that will be judged such as how complete the town looks, how organized the layout is, how accessible buildings are, and more. To enter this competition, you may post either in #project-showcase on discord or on the forums with a caption saying you are entering the contest.

You may build from a pre-existing town, but if you start a new town, this will be taken into account for our final judging.