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Oct 27, 2016
Michigan, USA
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Thread Title Nation Olympics, Server War, and Events in General

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Explain So, the nation war. The thing that the entire server prepared for over last week, or did they? In reality, it was an absolute mess. KeepInventory was supposed to be on, but it actually created deathchests instead, so players couldn't recover their items once Dominus killed them all with little to no effort. Capturing chunks felt wrong since it meant Dominus had to sit inside people's spawns killing them to continue capturing. It was a good test, and we learned a lot, but it didn't go well. Scott and I have an idea on how to fix the problems of this last war. Instead of war, we create a national competition where nations bring a team of maybe 3 of their best players to fight to the death with the other nations' teams using preset kits to see who is the best. We could have each nation create their arena to fight in, or we could have a server arena for the competition. There would be multiple events, such as a swordfighting event, axe and shield event, and bow event. Each event would be worth a set amount of points, and the nation with the most points at the end wins.

This would be better than wars, since it will encourage being better at pvp instead of just being better prepared. It would mean that less active players can compete with the most active, unlike the past war, where I didn't take damage while one shotting the 6 opponents trying to surround me. Obviously it would need some refining of the rules, and arenas built, but it would be a way to bring the server together over something, like the war was supposed to.


Dec 26, 2018
This is an amazing Idea. Also, if we have this as a friendly competition, we could have full on anarchy wars as another event. Making new rules won't be much work either!
Also, I'd say every town builds their own arena, so we can have a different host town each time. On that note, Deeperton already has its arena built!


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Aug 19, 2018
I guess its time to make a trapped arena... wither turrets won't be missing :p

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