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New member
Apr 11, 2021
Hello there! 👋Mogular here, requesting to be named Lord.

What started as an impromptu nighttime emergency shelter in SilentAssassin's backyard when I logged on to Vale once again, stumbling boldly into a new world, evolved into something more. A hole in the ground became something else. A home, I dare say!

This glorious underground hovel, easily accessible via the fitting /home noob, is your basic run-of-the-mill shelter against the ravaging mobs rampaging outside. Quiet. Cosy. Functional.

As we're all millennials and money is rather tight, ClassicVibes, Lab140 and myself currently cohouse here (I'm focused mostly on building, while they collect/scavenge resources).

Feel free to drop by! BYOB though.

hovel 01.pnghovel 02.pnghovel 03.pnghovel 04.pnghovel 05.pnghovel 06.pnghovel 07.pnghovel 08.pnghovel 09.png