😷 Bug/Broken Mob Stacking Not working/broken

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Aug 19, 2018
User name: Vincentio_

Thread Title Mob Stacking Not working/broken

Explain so, here's the deal:
Stacks of mobs seem to not properly work, like, if you kill the first mob, it seems like there is high chances that you loose the entire stack, just like if it wasnt a stack.

idk necessairly if it is MobStacker or MobManager( which the bug seem to have started since there was a change, where we reverted mob cap from 15 to 20, which should have not caused this, but the events coincide.)

(how does one end a post, am I supposed to make a conclusion, a thanks to everyone, I'll just leave it as it is!)

EDIT: It seems like we loose the stack 100% of the time. I still dont quite understand at which conditions we will loose the stacks...

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