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Mad God's return

Sep 9, 2014
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
User name: CrAzYgUy247

Introduction Title Mad God's return

When did you join Vale? Sevenish years ago

Favorite Player? Kawohi, Misskoa, minxi (Why such a hard question for picking 1?)

Favorite Staff? minxi for the insurmountable dedication over time. It add's up.

Favorite block & why? The potato block, I love potatoes in real life when their baked and are honestly quite pure to the taste.

What other games you play? Smite, Halo, Guild Wars 1, World of Warcraft, and 300 others.

Favorite character of your favorite game and why? This is a very tough question when thinking of my core principles.

Pet Peeves Upon the most things which make me feel bad. Is when a member of our community is not respected, mistreated, lost, or above all sad.

Favorite Animal & Why? The Mouse Lemur. Because their insanely cute, if you ever watched the disney movie Madagascar. It's the animal Mort is! D; :eek: So adorable.

Hobbies/Job I work the family business, garden, play minecraft :D, and go to the gym.

Tell us more! Since March 4th, I've been focusing in game since my return much more than the forums to rekindle bonds and just feel that great connection with all of you. I'll be using the forums about every day from here on! :D Read below if you feel the need.

It's truthfully great to have returned to all of you, I look forward to the future of Vale and above all wish the best for you people in our expanding community! Below is the About me I've updated today for any to read. It's a good bit about my current position in life.

Hello, fellow Valeians! :D You know me as CrAzYgUy247, Cray, or C!. I have a passion for helping out, dealing with any unjust things and a whole lotta digging. A bit about myself in reality! (Yes, I got a life too. Woow? :D) I'm in college studying, working, the gym, or I'll be found on my computer. I've got a knack to help people with help talks in their careers, depression, what to do in life etc. as I used to volunteer locally 2 1/2 hours a day aiding people in deciding what to do. Making me lean towards becoming a physical therapist as I major in kinesiology and psychology. The main point is that those two fields directly affect others life's in good ways, and I love that. Whenever I have free time or within the breaks of my lectures etc. I'm here for all of you guys helping every day & enjoy giving my support for all as I wish to provide aid to others in reality too. If you have an urgent message/help and need to contact me, msg at [email protected] May you have a well month people!! :D We each have time in our day, what'll you do in your 86,397 seconds left? -CrAzYgUy247


I live off of shredded cheese and tortillas.
Mar 29, 2015
Glad to have you back man! Really enjoyed all of the smiley faces in that intro


Just something
Apr 7, 2014
Whoooooooooo, good to see old timers like you coming back on! Someone who can help me out with everything ahaha :)


New member
Apr 8, 2019
Ayee nice to have old friends back man! I will be seeing you online!

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