I wrote a intro.


Yeah I’m just that annoying Mod, lol
Dec 19, 2017
User name: CatGamer442

Introduction Title I wrote a intro.

When did you join Vale? 2017

Favorite Player? Everyone :D

Favorite Staff? Can it be myself? lol

Favorite block & why? Every single one, why, because all of them are valuable... except dirt.

What other games you play? The Sims 4, (rarely) ROBLOX, that's it oof

Favorite character of your favorite game and why? My sim cat "Meowy". He literatly ruins my house in the sims and then I end up spoiling in game.... lol

Pet Peeves Homework lol

Favorite Animal & Why? Cats, because I've lived with 2 cats nearly all of my life

Hobbies/Job Writing, Playing on Vale, thats it lol

Tell us more! Wait. You can switch fonts on here? cool.