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😴 Archived How can we improve crates? | Craft


Dec 15, 2013
User name: mhia

Thread Title How can we improve crates?

Server Craft

Explain Hello Valerians!

I'm about to post our first changelog that describes all of the changes in the past two weeks, however before I do, i'd like some input on our Crates and see if we can improve them.

NintendoFrosty and I wanted the Crate system to be a fun and interactive experience, from how you're earning how the keys and the loot that can be rewarded.

However, the current state of crates isn't meeting any of those goals, and really needs to be improved.

So, how can we improve our crates?

Just for reference, here's how the crates work.

Vote Crates
Can be earned via voting, and has some basic but useful loot, along with a chance to get a Common key.
Has useful items, some blocks. Can be earned via vote crates, by completing scrolls, leveling up mcmmo jobs, and other events. "Other events" is pretty meaningless as you can't really get them from "other events" yet.
Better build block stacks, better items. Similar to Common, but harder to get and earned from harder scrolls and other player "events".
Should contain rarer items, enchants, and much harder to get minecraft items. You have a low chance to get this via UnCommon.
Similar to Rare, but can also have a higher chance at earning other keys and rare, plus even rarer items.

How can we make these better?


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Feb 18, 2014
California, USA
Soooo I had the awesome idea that you can place "Free Rankup Cards" in the chests at low rates, or "Free Donor Rank" cards even lower rates. Get players working for those crates, and after each rankup you get a rare key. :D hope this is as good idea as i thought it was


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Sep 13, 2017
I'm not too sure about how hard a rare or uncommon key is to get, but since I've never gotten one I'd assume its a pretty low chance. Maybe those could have the same items just a little bit more of them.

For the arcane key, since you have to pay for it, it should give much better loot than just potions. Some items I think could be included in this crate:

-A fully powered beacon with all the required blocks to build it
-Around 15 diamond blocks or something similar to this
-About 10-20k money (maybe more or less depending on how easy money is to get once the economy reset happens)
-Mending book
-A level 3 custom enchant
-Fully enchanted elytra with mending and unbreaking 3
-A shulker box filled with most of the redstone items, such as observer, pistons, comparators, repeaters, and more

I'm not sure the type of effect this would have on the economy, but if someone is paying for their keys, I feel like they should get much better loot thank whats offered right now.


Dec 26, 2018
  • replace the 16 ice blocks with 4 blue ice blocks or remove them
  • bigger amounts, but smaller variety of foods
  • remove all flowers
  • increase the amount of logs you get to 32
  • increase the amount of nether warts you get to 8
  • replace the chorus fruits with a chorus flower or remove them
  • remove the bucket and lead
  • add enchantments to all tools and armor (maybe unbreaking 3, but nothing else?)
  • remove the redstone dust
  • replace the glowstone dust with 16 glowstone blocks or remove it
  • replace the prismarine shards with 16 sea lanterns
  • remove the clock, compass, book and quill, dried kelp and all mob drops except ghast tears
  • remove all colored glass and increase the amount of glass you get to 32 or 64
  • add exp that you instantly get
  • double the amount of emeralds, sponges, slime balls, bamboo, turtle eggs and all spawn egg
  • remove obsidian, elytra, firework, jukebox, bone blocks, iron blocks, dried kelp blocks and slime blocks
  • remove all redstone components
  • remove all crafting stations
  • remove all coral blocks
  • remove all buckets
  • remove all brewing ingredients
  • add some instant exp
  • enchant all tools and armor
  • remove all full blocks except mycelium and one beacon (why are there 2?)
  • decrease the amount of nether stars to 2
  • remove all skulls/heads except the ender dragon head
  • remove all banner patterns
  • remove all coral and dead coral
  • increase the amount of nautilus shells to 16
  • increase the amount of ghast tears to 16
  • increase the amount of mycelium to 64
  • remove all walls
  • remove end portal frames, the ender chest, ender pearls, ender eyes, end rods, end stone and end stone bricks
  • remove all redstone components
  • remove all spawn eggs
  • remove all chorus related items
  • remove nether bricks, nether brick blocks, blaze rods and nether warts
Also make sure the same item isnt listed twice!


Broketh thy DOB!
Sep 5, 2018
I personally think a cool idea, on ways to earning Common Keys.
Such as things like...

  1. Every x100 (Mob Type Here) Kills Drops a Key of some sort.
  2. Every Rank-up you gain x1 Common Key
  3. Add a Playtime Plugin (Not only would people be concerned about how long they've played on the server) But, Every 6hr's Logged x1 Common Key
  4. Killing a Boss Type, Can warrant a drop for Common Key, Uncommon Key. *Depending on Boss*
I will leave the types of rewards to gain from the Crates Themselves to others, I don't usually use the crates personally.

Just a few Idea's the more Ideas that I come by I will add them! Thanks for the work you put into the server Mhia, Nintendo, Explosive, any others not mentioned!


Jul 14, 2019
Perhaps make vote crate a 100% chance from voting? Right now the chances are so low i get a vote crate key only every 3 days.


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May 24, 2017
Remove everything from Arcane crate, currently is not worth $3.50. Need stuff like a stack of diamonds, prot 4 armour. god picks/swords etc if you want people to pay $3.50 for it


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May 24, 2017
Remove everything from Arcane crate, currently is not worth $3.50. Need stuff like a stack of diamonds, prot 4 armour. god picks/swords etc if you want people to pay $3.50 for it