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🧐 Feedback Four months of "working on it". | All


Nov 15, 2014
Long Island
User name: iessjca

Thread Title Four months of "working on it".

Server All

Explain @mhia | @MissRedPanda | @NintendoFrosty | @Mattman096 | @LethalEthan8 | @WolfiePai

The last time a changelog was posted was August 1st, 2019.

It is now December 1st, 2019.

Let's reflect, four months later, what was resolved?

  • Finish improving supporter perks!
    • There is absolutely no reason to support us because the perks suck. We're working on this.
  • Improve voting
    • I added more flightcharges, but there needs to be more. A better chance at vote keys and more money.
    • More vote sites need to be added.
  • Update /ranks
  • Get the original server back up.
    • We're not calling it choco, and it won't have towny, economy, and it'll be a smaller map. The goal is for a build server where you rank up with more creative-ish perks. Less survival, more building.
    • It'll have the original supporters restored.
  • Improve performance
    • We're getting there, it's just hard. Mobs are laggy.
  • Community events, anyone?
    • We need a hostess.
    • is dead and we need an alternative.
  • Better social media advertising.
  • Secondary custom prefixes for supporters, though this is hard.
  • SkyBlock
    • The plan is to perfect the towny server first and just flip it into a skyblock server. We need to be happy with Towny first, so we don't have to do extra work on both servers.
    • It'll have mcmmo and economy attached on both servers.
In my perspective, the only thing we can cross off this list is assigning a host for Community Events, but if all your longtime players are gone because the supporter ranks were not even touched for four months, why hold events?

One could also argue that Skyblock was set up, but as a regular player subject to its opportunities, there is still much left to be desired from the glory Aero once was.

I've heard mention of "something being worked on", but devoting four months of time to an alternative feature - when the first incomplete task on your "Goals" list is the primary thing driving longtime devoted players away?

I hope to see more frequent updates and changelogs soon, at least to give your playerbase the illusion that the server is actively being maintained, and so that I wouldn't have to write a "WTF y'all doin'?" post.


Dec 15, 2013
I guess the answer to your question is, "We're working on it.".

But to explain this a bit more, it's been a bit slow as I been super busy with my new job and I've had almost no time to be able to personally work on anything. Unfortunately, I just had to choose this over the server, as I've always had put the server first for many years and I just couldn't this time.

But depending on how my job goes in the next month, this may be changing.

Other then my update, the admin channel thankfully hasn't been in-active. Mattman, Lethal, Wolfie, Nintendo and MissRedPanda all seem to be active and trying to do more. Mattman just did a huge update for supporter ranks, and the SB server seem to be improving as well.

I've also posted a incentive for the team to be more active, which I hope will boost their motivation to help Vale more. But only time will tell.

I do have a draft of a 3rd update post, but I am trying to figure out some issues we have before we update.

Without me, updates will have to just be slower until admins adjust, but I think we're all trying. We'll eventually come back into an active server again, it'll just take time!