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Apr 7, 2020
User name: _3p

Thread Title Fishing Job

Players Involved _3p

Explain Fishing is such a relaxing thing to do in Minecraft and I believe the fisherman job should get a buff and should be one of the top-earning jobs, you can't really afk it because it requires you to be watching and auto fishing farms are banned!! It would be a nice change to have fishing as one of the top jobs honestly it's underrated. A plus side is all the cool and unexpected things you can pull out of the water!!!


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Nov 28, 2014
United States
Hi _3p,

We agree that fishing in Minecraft is a relaxing activity. One perk that the Fisherman job offers, that might be unknown to most players, is the ability to sell custom fish. At level 50 Fisherman, players can use /uf baitshop to purchase bait that can be placed on fishing rods. With a baited fishing rod, players can catch custom fish. Then using /uf sell, players can sell those fish for $5-50, depending on there size.

Judging by the Fisherman leaderboard, though, it might be challenging to reach level 50. We can increase the amount of EXP fish payout so that it isn't so hard.

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