😷 Bug/Broken entities keep disappearing (big issue)

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Mar 17, 2017
User name: Showbizcube82002

Thread Title entities keep disappearing (big issue)

Players Involved everyone who reported missing entities

Explain One thing that happened to the town of Solitude that ALL of the animals, villagers, pets, minecart hoppers, item frames disappeared in the town. and currently, other players also experienced it too, for example, a player named "MbImAJosh" stated that all his animals including his herd of pink sheep, bees, horses, a turtle farm have suddenly disappeared like Thanos snapped his infinity gauntlet. I think it has to be something to do with mob manager causing this issue server-wide and I would like to have this issue resolved immediately before it causes more issues.

In conclusion, all entities have been wiped out in the town of solitude and other players' farms, personal mobs too and the issue should be fixed.


other players have reported their animals, mobs missing and I cannot list them all so here is the list of players who reported missing.

Iantato: Dogs, minecart
MbImAJosh: Sheep, turtles, bees, horses
Q_cumbercat: two name tagged zombies
GodEmperorTaco: missing 20+ pandas and 4 converted villagers, all his item frames, 3 hopper minecarts, 12 trader llamas, 5 cats, polar bear

Killer4xx: missing 3 armor stands aka 1 full diamond armor, 1 full gold armor, 1 full blue leather armor, 9 item frames with maps
SHowbizcubed8 (me lol): missing 5 sheep, 2 chickens (stacked mobs) 3 hopper minecarts and all item frames that go on my storage chest for organization

please reply to this forum post if ur mobs also suddenly disappeared too...
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Dec 10, 2016
To be clear, I lost 5 converted villagers, and 3 of which were jungle villagers. I also lost 3 villagers from my breeder and those were all jungle villagers too.


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Nov 28, 2014
United States
Sorry this happened. We edited our MobManger configs to prevent this from happening again, and the problems with mobs VintioGamer reported.

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