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Oct 27, 2016
Michigan, USA
User name: steering24

Thread Title Dynamic Economy

Server All

Players Involved Every player that uses money

Explain Just as a bit of a warning, this might get really long winded and go nowhere. I'm not a professional argumentative writer or anything like that, just a concerned member of the server.

The server's economy has been a constant fight for a good while now. There were always new ways to break the economy and make tons of money overnight. As soon as one thing was fixed, another popped up. That was the system for a while, and it was annoying, but tolerable. Recently, a dynamic economy has been added, which makes items change their sell price according to how many of that item has been sold by the server as a whole. For example, blaze rods, a very common item to grind and sell, started out with a value of ~$1.00 each. Now, they're down to $0.26 as I'm writing this. Actually, as I read this over, that doesn't seem that terrible, but then again, there is no minimum price. This dynamic economy has been in place for nearing 30 hours now, and blaze rods are down to a quarter value. Imagine it a week from now. Now I believe that it slows down the lower it gets, but I'm not sure on that. Either way, in a few days blaze rods won't be worth anything, and they won't come back up for a long while, if ever. Having an economy that just removes an item's value completely from the shop when it's sold often is a horrible idea. Once blaze rods have no value, the server will move on to another item, and once that item is worthless, another. This dynamic economy has a set amount of time before it's completely ruined by its own terrible design. Maybe I'm missing some things, and the economy will recover as the players move to different items though. I did hear from some non-staff players that the item values slowly recover over time, but I haven't confirmed that with higher staff yet. However, even if it does recover, it won't keep up with players, as shown by the insane devaluing of blaze rods.

Now that I've explained a few flaws of the dynamic economy, I'd like to get into the other options the server has. Obviously I'm no longer staff, and don't have any say in how the server is run, but I think one of these options should be tested before we settle for the dynamic shop. In a perfect world, there could be an economy that had all its prices preset and balanced, but this obviously doesn't happen, as we've seen. The next best thing is an economy that as scheduled balancing changes. If players know when the server shop will change, it makes the economy feel much more put together than it obviously isn't. I'm not sure what would be good intervals, but if there we had an acceptable shop with only a few things out of balance to begin, having set times would mean players would have time to playtest the shop, staff would have time to figure out what needs increases/decreases, and it might be less of a headache for everyone. Another option would be having a shop with set prices, same as the last option, but having unscheduled changes to the shop. This is the system we had before the dynamic economy, and it was starting to balance itself out quite well before we went to the mess that is dynamic. There are other ways to run it but one of these two options is the easiest and should work fine.

Obviously this problem is a big one in the server at the moment, which is why I think there needs to be a more organized way to balance it, rather than just one staff member who doesn't participate in the economy setting prices. Matt has been trying, but there's no realistic way for the economy to be set by one player perfectly. I think there should be players chosen to work on the economy that are known to be responsible and not abuse glitches/poorly priced items for huge profit (you know who you are). If staff decides that one player should set the economy pricing, at least have that person communicate often with the playerbase so they understand how the shop is doing. Well, if you actually read through all of this, I appreciate it. It'd be nice if we could get some discussion going about how to fix the economy.

Actually nvm I think the best way is just become a communist state.


Dec 24, 2016
Yeah there are many issues. One issue that is caused as a direct result of the logic of the plugin is that certain items are more sell 'weighted' and some are more buy 'weighted'. You can't have a balance of buy and sell with most of the items in the shop. For example people grind mob drops for money, but generally aren't going to be buying them. If people keep selling their drops from grinders then the sell price will plummet (as with blaze rods) and now it isn't a very profitable source of income. If no one is buying them then the price will stay down.
A minimum sell price for the items that are generally only sold could counter this issue even if it defeats the fundemental idea of the plugin.


Nov 15, 2014
Long Island
Obviously I'm no longer staff, and don't have any say in how the server is run
I disagree with this statement - your opinion should hold more weight than someone on staff, you're the person actually playing, and as a result, testing the plugin setup.


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Sep 13, 2017
I completely agree with everything you said steer, the economy needs to be stable for the shop to work out correctly. As of right now, there may be a few alright ways of making money, but as soon as someone uses it, it becomes completely useless. If /shop is not meant as a way to earn a decent amount of money, then /jobs should become a much more viable option by letting us make way more money through them.

Personally, I think it would be the best to change the prices of the shop about once every week depending on how it was used the previous week. This way people will have to find new ways of making money, while at the same time /shop can be used as a way to make some money.

I'm not the most knowledgeable in how a minecraft economy should work, but I believe there should be a stable way to make some money, otherwise it will become impossible.