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How to rank up on the Creative Server?
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Now that the Creative server is fully opened for everyone, you're probably wondering how to rank up and receive cool perks! Read along to find out the requirements for each rank and once they're met, apply here!

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Requirements for each rank:
  • Put what rank you are applying for in the prefix section when posting your app.
  • Build must be fully completed.
  • Post at least 3 pictures showcasing the build you'd like to submit. (Can be multiple builds if they are related to each other)
  • A short explanation of your build which can include your inspiration, what you were going for, and more. The more detailed the description, the better.
  • Your build can NOT be copied block by block from a build that someone other than yourself built. If your build was highly inspired by someone else, or you have a section that is very similar, you must give credit to the original builder in the description. Anybody found to have copied a build using schematica or any other method, will have their rank removed. (You may use these methods to build stuff in Creative, but they can't be used to rank up)


Ranking up to Builder is the easiest of all as you won't be judged based on your building skills, but instead the effort you put into your build.

  • Build must take up at least most of a 50x50 plot. The exact block count won't matter, but aim for at minimum 2,500 blocks to get an idea for size
  • Builder must have put in at least some amount of effort into making the build look good, skill won't be judged.
  • At least 3 vouches from other players


This rank will be much more difficult to acquire as you will be judged based on your building skills by staff and other players. Keep in mind that not everyone that applies for Designer will qualify and receive the rank.

  • Build must be much larger than the one required for Builder. Once again, there is no size requirements, but a smaller build may not qualify for Designer even if it is extremely high quality.
  • Screenshots of the build must look as professional as you can make them. Shaders are preferred but not required.
  • Must be at least a Builder before applying.
  • At least 5 vouches from other players.


This is the last possible rank you can get on the Creative server. Think of it as a higher leveled Designer with stricter judgment and requirements.
  • Build must be larger and more detailed than that of a Designer.
  • Very professional looking screenshots detailing the build.
  • Detailed description of the build including what the build is, where the idea of the build came from, and more.
  • Must be at least a Builder. (If you're a builder, you may apply for both Designer and Inventor, and you may receive Inventor if we deem your build to qualify.)
  • At least 5 vouches from non-staff players and unanimous approval from all staff

Make sure to ask us if you have any questions, and we hope you enjoy the server!