CatGamer442 is the new mayor of Eden!

Welcome to Vale - Survival & Towny Server!
Vale is a 1.15.2 Towny survival server with nearly limitless possibilities! As a player you can craft custom enchants, build amazing structures, and play survival with special items, tools, and more with no lag. Work together with your friends and build the best town, base, or building in the game, while becoming the richest player in a competitive economy.
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Staff member
Dec 15, 2013
I'm way to busy trying to improve Vale to interact with any Eden residents, and it deserves so much better.

I gave CatGamer442 the key to the Town. Wish him luck! The town now has 50 residents and is becoming larger every day! :)

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  • Vale is a small but friendly community and one of the best Minecraft survival servers you could play on. We have various ranks, plugins, and events to elevate your gameplay, and to give you a unique but fun experience in Minecraft.
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