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Sep 16, 2016
User name: Blaafugl

Thread Title Blaafugl ban appeal (Wrong place i know, but permissions dont allow it)

Server Craft

Players Involved Blaafugl

Explain Well you cant post anything in ban appeals/reports (idk if its because my post i did back when i got banned or it is for all) so i am doing it here!

User name: Blaafugl

Minecraft name? Blaafugl

Ban Report Link literally doesn't exist

Server Banned From? Craft

Banned Reason Lavacasting near town (dont remember name but it was the mod town)

Why should you be unbanned? I miss the server, in my defense i actually never broke any rules after i carefully read them also griefs give a 1 week ban normally but thats not why i am appealing because i know that you or nobody else cares about it or me.
What i did was wrong and i know it i would never do it again and for the fewest of people who i spoke to that day (cat) might have realised i saw no future for choco which was and still is the best ever vanilla server i have played on. Maybe i didnt like some rules but it was the community which made it the best server i have ever played on. I have recently gotten into minecraft again (4 months ago) while i have been playing hypixel skywars and bedwars which are fun i have still had a lack of vanilla gameplay. I tried other servers but i missed one server. One server i could never play on again as it seemed and still do. I know that vale doesnt have choco anymore and doesnt have any plans for it but still this server is probably the server i have played the most on in total. I know people who (probably) still play on the server and a million more who doesnt because they got bored of the game. That is exactly what happened to me i got bored of the server and the conversation with cat in the chat about the hope for choco actually made me annoyed (not cats fault). That day i had recieved a lot of hate some a specific admin and i felt treated (i want to say a word here but that will make the chances of unban fom 10% to 0%) terribly. I am sorry for the fact of i cant prove this or remember exact details (this is why i do not mention who it was). Me being annoyed, pissed and angry on the server guess what i did. I read the rules. Nothing prevented my from doing what i proceeded to do and i did it because i wanted to test the server i wanted to test the servers staffs response to it (yes that is messed up i know). Here i was lavacasting near the town. I was given the opportunity to remove it all and prevent ban which i tried but i could not. A specific player wanted something i owned which had enourmous worth (my 200 blaze spawners) this person made himself and a couple other players constantly kill me to prevent me from breaking my cobblestone wall of approx 10k blocks. They broke me, they really did i literally couldn't take it anymore i said f*ck it and stopped removing it (they still killed me. Also i want to keep the names of people who did stuff which i did not like hidden btw).
Ok i must say now i have talked a bit much about this stupid reason about i technically didn't break any rules but dont get the wrong feel, that is NOT why i want to get unbanned from this server. In reality the reason is just because i miss the community and the fact of i know i did something wrong.
Sorry for everything it has been a ride on this server i just wish it could continue.


Staff member
Dec 15, 2013
This was a hard decision. Your last ban appeal was pretty rude, and honestly, we really shouldn't unban you. You're immature, and it's a nightmare when you're interacting with people.

But we'll give you another chance.

We'll unban you on May 5th, and this will be the LAST chance you'll be given.

Please respond here when it's that date.

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