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A New Chapter: Welcome to Vale.

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Dec 15, 2013

Say goodbye to CraftBlock, and hello to Vale.gg

I started CraftBlock in late May 2012, back when Minecraft was at it's peak, and when my favorite server, BuildWorx was closing down. Instead of saying goodbye to my old friends forever, I decided to open up a new server to try to do what the owner of BuildWorx, xInZax inspired to do, and that was to build a community.

CraftBlock's Original Spawn

Since then, a lot has happened. A lot of people joined, and a lot of people left. I've made good friends here, I've made enemies, and I've also lost really good friends (R.I.P Addex and Nicole.) We had some of the best of times here, and some of the worst of times, and through all of the drama, arguments, and issues, it's been a wild and fun ride keeping CraftBlock up and running. I can't say I regret any of it, and as long as I know that running this community helps people relax and escape from their life for just for a few hours, I'll never give it up.


After 7 years, I think it's time for a change and a new chapter. CraftBlock had it's ups and downs, and I've learned a lot from it. I've learned from my mistakes and the successes it had, and I'd like to take all of that experience and build something new.

Welcome to Vale

Vale (or Vale.gg) is a new project that NintendoFrosty and I will lead. As a team, we're taking all of the ideas we've had over the years and put them together to make an amazing community. We're cutting off what didn't work with CraftBlock and then build something better with Vale.

We're starting with a fresh forum and a revamped Towny server, and once both are finished and running as it should be, we're going to work on our other servers and start improving them as well.

We've also learned a lot from running staff teams, it's always been our weakest link in the community. We're re-building the team and improving our staff wikis, and also being stricter on who we choose to be apart of it.

NintendoFrosty & I want to do so much with this new project, and we hope the ones who always stuck with us, and to those who are new here, will continue to follow & support us.

Thank you.​



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The Frosty Musician
Jul 26, 2014
I'm very excited for everyone to see what we have in store! This project of the new Towny Server has been in the works since December with the goal of more simplicity and making things cleaner, especially in the back-end to make working a lot easier. A new start was just what we needed to accomplish all of this.

I had originally joined CraftBlock back in the Summer of 2014. Since going through past ranks, going through being a Moderator, an Admin, and then Owner, it has been an incredible ride over the years. What the server is, and all the friends I have met here mean so much to me, where I probably wouldn't be who I am right now without it.

I have taken a break at least a year ago, and since being back in October, I've been driven to make the server as great as we could possibly make it. With that goal in mind, this re-brand is the best step forward into a new chapter for our community.

We hope you stick with us through this new project! We are very excited for everyone to see what we have in store.
Thank you all for your support!
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