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Jan 1, 2014
User name: _Trireaper_

What is your Minecraft username? Trevalis

What age bracket are you in? 21

What is your current rank on Vale? Phoenix

Have you been an active participant within the Vale Community for a minimum of two months? i have been very frequent lately and have a lot more time on my hands now

Why do you want to be a Vale Moderator? i have made a fair few friends on this server and would like to help others do the same by making them feel that they are welcomed and that we will be happy to help them with things that they need help with, such as helping them figure out the rules or just helping them with the basics of Minecraft if they are new to the game and i enjoy helping people if they need help

Give us three reasons of why you would be a suitable moderator and why we should select you to become part of the staff team. Reason 1: i have previously been staff before but lost it due to inactivity but now i have a lot more free time on my hands, reason 2: there are not usually many staff on during my timezone so i think it would be helpful if staff in other time zones are not able to assist, Reason 3: i tend to be fair when dealing with situations but not too soft when events repeat themselves

How do you think you've demonstrated moderator qualities in your time with Vale? i think that i have demonstrated staff qualities by assisting players if they need it and generally being a friendly and comforting person

On a scale of 1-5, how knowledgeable do you believe you are with regard to Vale rules and regulations? i still have some things to learn about the server like plugins and all that jazz, but i believe i am fairly familiar with the rules so i would say 4

What timezone do you live in? AEST (Australian Time)

How much time and when would you say you are able to dedicate to the Craftblock community throughout the week? i have currently been on daily but might not always be able to be on daily however i have been spending atleast 4 - 5 hours online in the server

Do you have a Discord account? Trévalis#8111

If you answered yes to the previous question, when would you be available to participate in Staff group conversations? Since i have lost my jobs due to covid 19 i should always be able to participate in staff meetings depending on time due to different timezones

Scenario 1 - A player has recently joined the server and has been pretty quiet; not talking too much. When you go to assist them, you notice that they have began to grief someone's building in the wild. How would you handle this situation? Firstly i would warn them that griefing is against the rules and explain why they shouldn't grief to let them understand that people work hard on their creations aswell as direct them to the rules page using /rules, i would also continue to observe them as they go along.

Scenario 2 - While on the server, a player suddenly gets very excited about surviving an ambush of mobs. They talk using multiple lines and or all caps for a single sentence. You notice on the forums that the player has already been warned for similar actions multiple times by another staff member, and has even been muted once before. How would you handle this situation? If the player has already been warned by staff or even other players i would firstly explain to them that it is against the rules to do it purposely and tell them to do /rules, and if they still continue after that then i would temp ban for a short amount of time so they will understand that they shouldn't be doing it

Scenario 3 - While on the server, 3 new players join at about the same time. Suddenly, all 3 of them start spamming the chat with rude epithets repeatedly. What actions do you take to quell the situation and stop the chaos in chat? Firstly i would kick said players with the message (rude language is against the rules type /rules), and if they rejoin the server and continue i would ban these players as they most likely joined the server to harass/troll people instead of looking for a chill server to play on

Scenario 4- While online you come across another staff member handling a situation. The players are being rather rude and continue to cause trouble while the other staff member is attempting to handle the issue. What would you do in this situation? firstly i would ask said staff member if they needed assistance with the issue as well as take screenshots for proof if needed, if staff member does not need my assistance i will keep my distance but also keep a close eye on the situation, however if the staff member does need help i would try to help the player calm down and explain what was going on aswell as ask staff for his side of the story to check if they are different at all and would just generally refer them back to rules page and assist in whatever way i can with other staff
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Never too good, Never too bad -
Aug 19, 2018
I mean, I dont even think we need to say if we vouch or not, considering that if I remember well, Trevalis was an admin at one point

I mean, I guess since its almost a requirement : you got my vouch

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